My journey with Tarot

So, you have heard about card readings, and something within you lights up. You can’t help to feel super intrigued by it but somewhere at some point you heard tarot is “dangerous.” Maybe your parents told you everything related to cards and oracles is “devil’s work” and even though part of you know’s it’s not, you wish to be safe so maybe you avoid the calling.

I get it. I was right there with you about a year back with oracle cards altogether. It’s hard to shake off people’s negative opinions about these things if you haven’t tried them yourself. I believe, everything can be bad for you if you either overdo it or do it the wrong way. With the proper deck, instruction and guidance, tarot is an incredible tool for spiritual growth.

Tarot is a powerful system that can be incredibly accurate in providing guidance about a person life. So, how does it work and how can that happen without the presence of some magic. There is magic present; the magic of intention. Intention setting is incredibly powerful, and it’s the magical ingredient in the accuracy of tarot readings. Just like a prayer, an intention is a way to openly ask from the Universe what you need and receive it, instantly. (To know more about intention, feel free to check out my youtube channel here)

By setting your intention in the right way towards readings, our “higher self” becomes in charged of the reading. The cards we pull out of the deck, the way they are placed and how they are interpreted becomes a job for our higher self. With the proper protection, intention, and energy, tarot readings become a powerful tool for self-discovery, development, and harnessing of peace within our lives.

So, how can TAROT help you?

  •  By helping you understand why things are unfolding as they are, in your life
  •  By guiding you towards the decisions and perspectives that can truly help you grow and feel empowered
  • By helping you understand those around you and how they see the world
  • By giving you clear steps to follow and advice to obtain your goals
  • By giving you a “heads up” about the future and the energies coming based on your current state of being
  • By helping you clarify doubts or hunches, you may be feeling intuitively
  •  By giving you deep insights into your romantic relationship, your search for a potential partner and your relationship with yourself
  •  By giving you authoritative advice about your job, finances, and projects to come
  • By giving you profound insights about your relationship to life
  •  By showing you how to become your best self
  •  By giving you forecasts (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly)
  •  By letting you know, when’s the best time to do what you are planning
  •  By giving you clear, physical guidance without the need of entering meditation or quiet space

The list goes on and on.

How does it honestly work? How can it be so accurate?

The Tarot is an incredibly complex system in which all aspects of the human psyche are contemplated. Aspects of emotions, thoughts, energies and physical matters are mixed and matched to create all possible combinations to provide accurate information about the human experience. It is paired up with the intricacy of numerology, symbolism, and astrology to cover as many facets needed for each person. There are 78 cards, divided into “Mayor Arcana” and “Minor Arcana.” The “Minor Arcana” have four different suits: Cups (representing water signs and emotions), Wands (representing fire signs and desires), Swords (representing air signs and thoughts) and Pentacles (representing earth signs and physical/financial matters). Through the complex combinations of all of these aspects, we get amazingly accurate readings even if you’re just starting out as a reader.

My journey with Tarot

I began just as described; a bit freaked out, a bit interested. I was mostly curious, but as soon as I got my hands on a tarot deck, I felt the calling immediately. I felt at home and felt like I had finally been reunited with this powerful form of healing. My guess: I probably had past lives as a reader.

I began my path like many of us do, through regular angel decks (specifically Doreen Virtue’s). I used the cards all the time and wound up becoming a bit obsessed with cards altogether. My sister and I began to collect them and now own about 34 different decks but for a long time, we never even thought of tarot. The word “tarot” felt tainted with negative collective opinions. I am so incredibly grateful I listened to my heart and bought my first tarot deck on a trip to New York City. I haven’t look back since.

I’m a current student of tarot and based on the intricacy of the system; my guess is I’ll be a student for years. However, I’ve had incredible experiences so far as a reader and provider of this healing service. Tarot readings can change people’s lives for the better and give them the advice, boost and inspiration they have been longing for.

It’s important, as you do tarot readings for others, to be energetically protected. Just as in any form of energy work, we are exposed to energies. In the world of “energies,” just like in the world we live in, which has nice humans and mean humans, there’s good and evil “spirits” over there as well. We need to be very familiarized with power protection to fully enjoy the experience in all of the beauty it can bring. So when you hear that tarot is “bad,” it’s simply a sign that the people who say that are not familiarized with the world of spirit and thus feel afraid of it, which is entirely understandable.

How to choose a reader

Choose someone who prioritizes healing, wellbeing, and positivity over drama. Dramatic readings can be totally counter-productive making people feel like victims to their future. The future is ever-changing, and there’s so much in our lives we get to control based on how we choose to act in the present moment. Seek someone who you actually “click” with and who’s energy you can perceive to be in alignment to yours.

My invitation to you

I have created a video for you to experience what it would feel like to receive a reading (click here). This reading is very general, designed for everybody, men, and women, of all astrological signs. Take from it what resonates with you, what feels true and leave the rest. When you get a personalized reading is when you can feel the impact of how accurate details can be and receive clear guidance for your particular path. Hope you enjoy this general reading and if you ever feel like getting a personalized reading, just let me know. I do them through email, no matter where you are in the world. Details here)

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