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Awaken his psychic and mediumistic abilities and discover that his mission


Tales of a shaman in the making

After years of walking around with a heavy heart and a longing for something sacred, Amber, a woman in her twenties, living in a big city, gets initiated in the path of the Shaman. With no clue of what she was getting herself into, she undergoes powerful Andean rituals, awakens her psychic and mediumship abilities, and discovers that her mission here on Earth is far greater than she could’ve ever dreamed of. She discovers this mission has been unfolding over many lifetimes and in this life, she is expected to complete it. Obstacles present themselves, dark energies try to stop her and the awakening of her consciousness becomes inevitable as she understands “even the most difficult circumstances in our lives, are there for a reason.”

Tales of a Shaman in the Making


Banish Limiting Beliefs Workbook



REAL FORGIVENESS "Break the Cycle of Unresolved Pain that is Stealing your Joy" in 21 Days!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify exactly who you need to forgive to free up (mega) energy so you can (finally) move forward with confidence and happiness
  • Feel and accept your true feelings so you stop subconsciously sabotaging your success (because odds are, it’s happening whether you realize it or not)
  • Release, let go and deeply heal with a variety of powerful forgiveness rituals that work 
  • Forgive yourself, too (which is often the hardest part!)


In this book, you will find a compilation of details that I wish I knew when I started my online business.

I truly believe this information will make your entire journey easier, faster and smarter.

I wish you the best of luck on your business, whether you are creating it now or tweaking it.


Sending all my love,


UNSHAKEABLE "Find Your Authentic Voice"

Learn to be a Storyteller, Guide & Leader that can Heal the Masses through Social Media

Step – by – Step Process & Training Workbook


When you purchase, you’ll receive training and a workbook walking you step-by-step through how to feel confident expressing your own unique message & offers so you can sell more, more easily, to the perfect people for you.

By the end, this can be your reality…


– You know without a sliver of a doubt what your TRUE message is and the HEART of the work you’re here to do


– You know what YOU are uniquely all about and what YOU truly want to say in your content (and no longer feel the need–or desire–to parrot what your mentor or blindly agree with every uber-popular person in your niche)

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