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Meet your Higher Self, give your Life a BOOST!

In regards to spirituality, many of us are guided to worship all sorts of religious figures and ascended masters as we grow up influenced by our societies collective perspectives and beliefs. Sometimes we feel connected to these beings, sometimes we don’t, at all. Either way, it is ok. I, personally, love to have a connection with spirit guides of many different spiritual traditions.

I’m a complete believer in Jesus, Mother Mary, angels, archangels, deities and celestial beings of all sort. Through meditation, prayer, and ritual, we can connect to them and ask for advice directly. We can receive guidance, messages, and insights. The thing is, if we choose only to act based on their advice, despite our inner knowing, we are, in a way, giving away our power, and that is no Bueno.

What I mean by that is that, sometimes, we trust so much on external figures, we begin to ignore what we know to be true. Perhaps you have heard of the term “Higher Self” but don’t entirely understand how to retrieve this inner guidance from yourself. Our inner wisdom, our common sense, is and should be our compass. It is common to feel confused about how to fully access this deeper knowledge. By fully embodying our higher selves perspective, we begin to walk through life confidently and successfully.

Our personal insecurities, shadows, fears and preservation mechanisms will attempt to guide us, through our ego or identity. Our ego is the opposite of our higher self. Our Higher Self will allow us to understand the loving perspective of Universal Consciousness which is not bound to our human need and wants. When we connect to that part of us, we receive the purest form of guidance, one which is celestial and open.

In metaphysical texts, our Higher Self or “God Mind” is the spark of divine wisdom within us all. That part of us is all-knowing, completely psychic, connected to the divine energy of universal love and capable of helping us manifest our highest experience here on Earth. Our Higher Selves are completely in tuned with the highest perspective we can attain to receive information to help us navigate through life in the easiest and effortless manner possible. In essence, it is us, in our highest state of consciousness. We all have a higher version of ourselves we can ask stuff too, receive healing and help from. We can nurture this connection through meditation and get to know ourselves in a whole new light.

How can connecting to our “Higher Self” help us in our daily life?

  •  Profound and unshakable peace: Through the habit of regular meditations with our higher self, we can begin to understand the underlying reality happening behind the scenes of all the experiences we go through, even the most difficult ones. For example, if we go through a breakup, let’s say, in our human reality it may be painful, confusing and disappointing. If we visit our Higher Self, it’s very likely she will explain to us in detail, why this is the best thing that could’ve happened. Through a higher perspective provided by our Higher Self, we will begin to see the truth behind even the most painful situations. This connection will bring incredible peace to us, regardless of what we are going through.
  •  Guidance for quantum leaps in all areas of life: We all have dreams, wishes, and goals for the future. Our higher self is always available to help us find clarity about what we want, what would make us happy and how to get it fast. The guidance will cut through the illusion of the ego and show us the ideal path to follow. Our higher selves can point us in the right direction and save us tons of time of unnecessary learning curves, bitter experiences and scattered actions. We can also receive answers for our difficult “decision making” moments.
  • Remembering our mission and purpose: Since our higher selves are in full connection to the supreme energies of love and the highest vibrations, they are entirely aware of our goal and mission here on Earth. Through meditation and journaling, you can discover, or better said, remember, your mission and purpose.

How can I connect to my Higher Self?

There are many ways to connect to our higher self (meditation is my favorite, click here to be redirected to the guided meditation I recorded for you) Some like to do it through art, music, and writing. Entering a space of connection so profound it pushes everything out but your highest calling. I, personally, love to go on a meditation journey to face my higher self, share time with that part of me and ask for clues on how to make my life the “awesome-est” it can be. Today, I will share two methods which are super simple.

1. Journaling:

By setting the intention I will share with you below, you will be programming your higher self to do the writing for you. Your job is only to let your hands flow effortlessly and place no resistance whatsoever to what is being written.

STEP 1: Read this out loud

“My intention is, right here and now, to have my higher self, take over from this moment on and speak to me clearly, smoothly and beautifully through my writing. My intention is for the writing to come directly from my higher self and no one else. My intention is to be protected in a bubble of white light, keeping my vibration high and making me feel amazing as I go through this exercise. My intention is for my higher self to provide me with guidance about … (fill in what you’d like to receive advice of). Universe, grant me this or something better, for the highest good of all involved. I let it be so, and so it is.”

STEP 2: Grab a piece of paper and a pen, allow your hand to write anything it feels like writing, as of now, you are merely an observer. If it makes sense, great, if it doesn’t, allow it as well. You might suddenly begin writing random words; maybe you will write pages of perfectly written advice. Whatever it is and however this guidance presents itself, allow it. Don’t think and let your hand move fast as it receives everything.

STEP 3: Read and review everything that was written. Grab from that, only what resonates with you and what can be helpful. Release the rest.

There you go! Easy, helpful and fun.
Tips on making this way more fun: Candles, incense and moon rituals can make the experience way better. (Download/share with others about our 2017 FREE Moon Calendar here)

2. Meditation:

I created a lovely 20 minute guided meditation for all of who you want to experience the powerful presence of your higher self directly. If you’d like to be completely guided, surrender the need to know if you’re doing it right or not, I’ve got you covered. Click here to check out my Higher Self Guided Meditation. You just need to press play, lay down and let the magic happen.

Love & light to you!

Katie McLaughlin

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