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Tarot Readings – Are they truly dangerous?

tarot cards

First, let’s ask ourselves what exactly is a Tarot Reading? So, many people feel intensely curious about Tarot Readings but have heard it’s dangerous or scary. Maybe you would love a Tarot Reading but feel like it may confuse you or can create an unnecessary expectation for your life. Been there! Once I connected with […]

3 tips to Life Changing Insights! – Make the most of this months General Tarot Reading (July 2017)

Tarot is absolute magic and here at, we want to share it with you. By gifting you our special FREE monthly tarot forecast we hope you can get a glimpse of what’s in store for you and get ready for it (or get ready to change it, if you prefer) 3 TIPS TO MAKE […]

My journey with Tarot

So, you have heard about card readings, and something within you lights up. You can’t help to feel super intrigued by it but somewhere at some point you heard tarot is “dangerous.” Maybe your parents told you everything related to cards and oracles is “devil’s work” and even though part of you know’s it’s not, […]

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