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20 Things I wish someone would’ve told me about Grief

My sister passed away 6 months ago and the process of grief has come with plenty of surprises. I want to share “20 things I wish someone would’ve told me about grief” with the world so those going through it understand more about this intense experience and healing journey. 1.  Become overly attached to those […]

Past Life Regression – How does it work?

Past Life Regression is incredibly useful as a healing tool. The majority of patients looking to connect to their past lives do it usually out of curiosity. It’s safe to say that’s enough of a reason to go through this powerful experience. However, it falls short of all the other magical reasons why you could […]

Energy Healing – How to get rid of Anxiety, Stress & Disconnect

Energy healing can profoundly help you feel more relaxed, anxiety-free and stress-free. Energy Healing can revert years and years of burnout, emotional challenges and help you rekindle the flame within your heart once and for all. Many of us feel alone when going through a difficult moment, the thing is if you’re going through spiritual […]

[Full Moon in TAURUS] Nov. 3rd – Romance, Magic and Intuition is HIGH!

HEY, WILD CHILD On November 3rd we have a FULL MOON in TAURUS. According to, the Venus placement will create the following opportunities: “This will enhance the good fortune of the new moon and bring friendship, love, and romance, but only if you are patient, open-minded and flexible.”  Here’s a summary of what’s going […]

Now, we’re talking! Empowerment & Authenticity [NewMoon in Leo July 23rd]

Hey, wild child! Have you been feeling the energy shifts already? This time we’ve got the NEW MOON IN LEO coming up and opening the Eclipse Season which will make sure we step into higher grounds leaving behind all that doesn’t serve us.  We will be having eclipses on the Full Moon coming up on […]

Your angels are trying to talk to you! Are you listening?

Have you been seeing repetitive number sequences around? If you have been checking out my Instagram stories, you know I’ve been bombarded by them lately. As soon as I began sharing all about them, many of you sent comments and pictures of your own encounters with these mystical numbers. Are they signs? Are they messages? […]

All you need to know about the Full Moon in Sag June 9th + Easy DIY Ritual!

Life is the ever flowing energy taking us through cycles of transformation and growth. By being conscious of the moon phases, we are inevitably opening our eyes to our inner tides and connecting in a very deep way to our way of acting, thinking and feeling. (To know more about the moon phases, download your FREE […]

About to give up on Meditation? Think Again! 5 Common Mistakes beginners make + How to fix them!

If you’re anything like me, when I began my meditation practice, I felt a bit clueless. I would sit down, cross my legs and try to “clear my mind completely.” This use to frustrate me because the more I tried, the more thoughts seemed to appear. Without a guide to help me out, I just […]

Go from “Whacky” to “In control” during Moon Phases in 3 Steps [Gemini New Moon – May 25th]

Every single month, we have a chance to open a new cycle through the new moon phase. Depending on the astrological aspects, we are invited to feel, work on or heal certain aspects of ourselves that are aligned with that particular moon. This time around, we are going through the new moon in the sign […]

Meet your Higher Self, give your Life a BOOST!

In regards to spirituality, many of us are guided to worship all sorts of religious figures and ascended masters as we grow up influenced by our societies collective perspectives and beliefs. Sometimes we feel connected to these beings, sometimes we don’t, at all. Either way, it is ok. I, personally, love to have a connection […]

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