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Now, we’re talking! Empowerment & Authenticity [NewMoon in Leo July 23rd]

Hey, wild child!

Have you been feeling the energy shifts already? This time we’ve got the NEW MOON IN LEO coming up and opening the Eclipse Season which will make sure we step into higher grounds leaving behind all that doesn’t serve us. 

We will be having eclipses on the Full Moon coming up on August 7th and the following new moon as well.

Through the Lunar eclipse happening with this new moon, our emotions are naturally heightened but they can bring about clarity and decisiveness in areas where we had stagnant energies before. This new moon will help us believe in ourselves, get stronger and take decisive action towards new chapters and beginnings.


  • We can expect to have a powerful day on July 23rd
  • Self-empowerment, getting in touch with our authentic self
  • New relationships, affairs, and pregnancies are possible
  • Intensified sex appeal and sexual desires
  • The need or desire to make risky and bold moves
  • a time to face the truth of situations we’ve been avoiding
  • a time to move forward by cleaning or confronting the past


  • Impatience
  • Irritability
  • Build up of angry energy that needs to be released, otherwise, it can create conflict
  • Impulsivity
  • Arguments (if you feel one beginning, step out of the situation if possible, re-assess later)

If you’d like to be best prepared, a personalized tarot reading can help you be extra aware of what the best course of action could be facing a tricky situation. (More info HERE)


  • By being completely authentic. If you feel sad, be sad. If you feel angry, be angry. Allow your emotions to flow effortlessly and be seen. (No need to explode towards other tho, balance.)
  • Review the things that make you feel fully alive and joyful, schedule them for the following weeks.
  • Place your boundaries very clearly within yourself and around others
  • Rise to your own greatness. Understand your power, potential and ability and freaking GO for it, wild child.
  • Do physical activities which can help you release the aggressive energies which will be building up within you. If you begin to feel irritated, annoyed or frustrated get that energy out in a PHYSICAL way (working out, singing, dancing etc)


This is a very simple meditation that can help us release the build up of intense energies happening on this new moon. Simply sit, crossed-legged with your back supported by a wall. Take a few deep breaths grounding yourself and set the intention of having all of the angry, irritated and annoyed energy within you be transferred to the Earth. Imagine an energy chord stretching out of your first chakra (the end of your spine) into the center of the Earth. With every exhalation, imagine a ball of fiery energy that comes out of you and into the Earth. Repeat this until you feel back in your center, calmed and relaxed.


If there’s something or someone you’ve been meaning to leave behind for good but can’t seem to lose grip of it just yet, you can use this ritual to create space and emotional independence within you.

1. Journal: First, before anything truly leaves our lives we need to understand what was that situation intending to teach you. Otherwise, that situation may disappear and a very similar one will appear repeating the pattern until the lesson is acknowledged. So, do some journaling and ask yourself, what have you learned from this. Go deep and see all possible faces of this story.

2. Separate a piece of paper and write the name of the person or the situation on the piece of paper.

3. Set the following intention out loud: 

“My intention, right here and now, is to officially accept that I have learned what I needed to learn from this situation. Universe, thank you for placing this in my path because now I have become wiser through it. I forgive myself for all the pain I caused, I forgive all involved for the pain they caused me. I am ready to move on so I am doing so, right now. My intention through the burning of this paper is to release this chapter of my life and move on into the next one with love, joy, and gratitude. I let it be so and so it is.”

4. Burn the piece of paper on a surface which you can then clear (an ashtray for example) and then allow the ashes to be taken by the wind. The further they go, the further this situation and pattern will be released.

Hope this helps wild child,
sending lots of love your way!

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