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20 Things I wish someone would’ve told me about Grief

My sister passed away 6 months ago and the process of grief has come with plenty of surprises. I want to share “20 things I wish someone would’ve told me about grief” with the world so those going through it understand more about this intense experience and healing journey. 1.  Become overly attached to those […]

Past Life Regression – How does it work?

Past Life Regression is incredibly useful as a healing tool. The majority of patients looking to connect to their past lives do it usually out of curiosity. It’s safe to say that’s enough of a reason to go through this powerful experience. However, it falls short of all the other magical reasons why you could […]

Energy Healing – How to get rid of Anxiety, Stress & Disconnect

Energy healing can profoundly help you feel more relaxed, anxiety-free and stress-free. Energy Healing can revert years and years of burnout, emotional challenges and help you rekindle the flame within your heart once and for all. Many of us feel alone when going through a difficult moment, the thing is if you’re going through spiritual […]

[Full Moon in Cancer] – Jan. 1 – Love, Magnetism and Relationships

HEY, WILD CHILD On January 1st we have a FULL MOON in CANCER. Here’s a summary of what’s going on in the sky. If you’d like to know ALL about the actual alignments and what’s astrologically going on, visit our friend Mara de Diego at her amazing blog “IOVI ASTROLOGIA”. Check it out HERE. WHAT TO […]

[Full Moon in Gemini] – Dec. 3rd – Trickery, Illusion and Deception

HEY, WILD CHILD On December 3rd we have a FULL MOON in GEMINI. Neptune’s presence brings in a bit of deceptive behavior. Lies, cutting corners, cheating, blaming others, can all be present during this Full Moon. Mercury is also retrograding during this 2 week period, so, as we know, it’s a time to go within […]

[New Moon in Scorpio] – Nov 18th – Deep wounds, triggers and clearing

HEY, WILD CHILD On November 18th we have a NEW MOON in Scorpio and apparently, this is one which may feel a bit uncomfortable. Scorpio deals with death and rebirth, transformation and emotions. Here’s a summary of what’s going on in the sky. If you’d like to know ALL about the actual alignments and what’s astrologically […]

[New Moon in Virgo – Sept. 20 ] Releasing attachments + Flowing through change!

HEY, WILD CHILD On September 20th we have a powerful New Moon in Virgo and various astrological alignments creating some inspired change and transformation in our lives. Eclipse season passed bringing a lot of change and shaking up everything from our life that has served its purpose. Also, we have been guided into higher levels […]

Sept 6. Full Moon in Pisces! [Only love is real, Wild Child!]

Hey, wild child, how’s it going? On September 6 we are going to be experiencing a Full Moon in Pisces plus a whole other bunch of astrological alignments. If you’d like to read all about the actual alignments going on visit: an awesome astrology blog by Mara de Diego that we love here at Awakened […]

Perfect Opportunity to Soar! [Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Leo] AUGUST 21

Hey, wild child! So much movement going on right? This eclipse season has been magical! We still have another eclipse this month, on the 21st we’ll have ANOTHER New Moon in Leo + a solar eclipse which is the perfect opportunity to close a big chapter and open one which is completely different, more aligned […]

Now, we’re talking! Empowerment & Authenticity [NewMoon in Leo July 23rd]

Hey, wild child! Have you been feeling the energy shifts already? This time we’ve got the NEW MOON IN LEO coming up and opening the Eclipse Season which will make sure we step into higher grounds leaving behind all that doesn’t serve us.  We will be having eclipses on the Full Moon coming up on […]

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