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“Remember your Divine Essence and move past trouble gracefully” by Katie McLaughlin

Where we live, how we live and what happens in our daily life is nothing but an illusion. Stepping back and away, we realize through the detached “Sight of the Eagle” that, nothing is real. In shamanic traditions the Eagle Totem is the one who “sees the bigger picture” flying above the emotions and attachments.  

People in our life are just walking us back home. Through triggering us, through pushing us, through keeping us on our toes, we evolve. Spirit sends little loving nudges our way for us to keep walking. These nudges come in the shape of people who make us mad, disappointed or frustrated.

Today our Kundalini teacher, Katherine, used the example of a work out body or a yoga buddy. When we feel stuck, lazy or without the necessary drive to get our ass to yoga, we can benefit of a helping hand to push and remind us: “Hey, we have to go. Come on. Let’s go to class”

In the same way, if we are feeling resistance or getting stuck in the comfort zone of our lives, loving souls come our way to assist us in continuing our spiritual journey. They give us wake up calls and, through discomfort, push us to continue to walk this path. We are walking each other home. Walking into the light. We are walking towards cosmic consciousness and union, through the healing of our shadow aspects.

When we are in connection to spirit, we understand how everything is exactly as it needs to. There are no mistakes. When we are getting triggered, meaning affected by a situation, comment or perspective coming from someone else, the triggers are doing us the favor of showing us the way. When we trigger others, we are doing them a favor by showing them the way. The way is our “healed self”, the one who moves past the trigger. We have agreed to come into Earth together, to walk each other into our highest form of love and unconditional awareness.

Some of us have agreed upon this with other souls and this is the highest form of love. This form of love is grand, so immense that, this souls don’t even care if our human selves have trouble. Even if, in human form, we wound up resenting, rejecting or hurting one another, they choose to do this work anyway out of pure love, because what is happening behind the scenes of human perspective, is way more important.


What I learned from the “Heal Thyself Woman Gathering Retreat” where I was a guest healer. 


  • We need to remember to ignore the voice of our ego which seeks separation and judgement and instead realize that, if we are capable of unconditional love, we are our strongest.The highest form of love is the one which, always comes back into oneness. Eternal forgiveness and understanding is true love. may be deceived by the illusion of the ego, which makes us feel powerful when we reject those who have hurt us but the truth is we are only strong if we manage to connect to love regardless.


  •  “Keep it up and you will be kept up” We need to show up for ourselves. Show up to our spiritual practice, show up out of the comfort of confusion and into the empowerment of higher awareness, each and every time we are experiencing difficulty. The universe bring in situations to teach us things which usually, we can only understand looking back, after they have happened. However, if we voluntarily choose to question: “what is this trying to teach me?” we are showing up for our evolution as souls. If we, instead, choose to feel like victims, we not only give up the valuable lesson but will be exposed to receiving more situations, similar in nature, to teach us.


  • We cannot raise our frequency without the release of the energies keeping us down in the first place. If we want to raise our frequency and enter higher realms of awareness, we cannot do this without the difficulties. Suffering is optional yet triggers are mandatory for the ancestral energies embedded in our unconscious mind, DNA, energy bodies and overall spiritual configuration to be released. There’s a lot we need to purge in order to fully enter a lighter and brighter frequency. If we make peace with this fact, we can relax and allow the ups and downs to shape us into the better version of ourselves.


  • We are here to get our heart cracked open so many times, we release resistance to the flow. When we experience one difficulty after the next for a prolonged period of time, not only will we release A LOT of dense energy which was held within us but we will reach a point of “not caring anymore”. In that release of resistance and release of control, we truly open the door for the beauty of the universe to enter and it’s under that perspective, that we can truly appreciate it’s grace and perfection. “When nothing is certain, everything is possible.”


  • Relationships and Interactions are there to serve a specific purpose, then, it’s ok to release. We tend to be under this impression of things needing to be permanent and long lasting to be valuable. I believe however, that we are in these exchanges only to learn, integrate or experience certain things that will be added unto our repertoire of insights learned. If we don’t release those interactions which have served their purpose, we don’t usually allow new ones to come in and continue teaching us what we need to learn.

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