New Moon in Capricorn – Jan. 16th – You are the Master of your Reality!


On January 16th we have a NEW MOON in CAPRICORN.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on in the sky. If you’d like to know ALL about the actual alignments and what’s astrologically going on, visit our friend Mara de Diego at her amazing blog “IOVI ASTROLOGIA”. Check it out HERE.


  • Lessons. Lot’s of learning through different experiences related to where we place our trust.
  • Feeling very very focused in just one direction, one track mind.
  • Feeling quite busy
  • People around you looking out for their best interest through you
  • The need to be very aware and grounded in your truth


  • Rebellion, for the sake of causing trouble and ruffling feathers
  • Needs of revenge, rough words being spoken and shady behaviors
  • Forgetting other areas of life by only sustaining focus on one

My Youtube Channel may have some resources you can find useful. Check it out HERE.


  1. “Remain sited on our throne”. We are the Queens and Kings of our reality. If we leave our throne unattended, this would be the time in which something else would take our place. Call this someone, or an emotion or a fear. Keep yourself in charged and taking responsibility for your reality.
  2. Maintain a daily spiritual practice of either gratitude, meditation, yoga or whatever it is that makes you connect to your highest awareness
  3. Keep our eyes open to other people’s true intentions



For this particular moon, I would suggest:

Divide or fold a piece of paper into 6 squares. 

  1. Health
  2. Love
  3. Spirituality
  4. Career
  5. Family
  6. Adventure

Place 1 easy and attainable intention for each area. Write those intentions in a different, smaller piece of paper and keep it with you from this NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN until the next new moon. This will help you balance all areas of life instead of getting overwhelmed with just one area. 

To manifest these intentions, during the new moon night, sit outdoors directly on the ground and bury the large piece of paper (or bury the ashes if you’d like to burn the paper instead) as if it was your seed for the new monthly cycle. Allow this ritual to connect you to the earth, the moon, the elements, and nature by doing it outside and trying to spend some time in meditation or relaxed contemplation. 

Place gratitude offerings in the form of flowers, seeds or sugar directly on the soil or buried within it, as you give thanks for everything that has already manifested itself in your reality. By focusing on gratitude we become well grounded on our “throne”.

Hope you have a great time this week, wild child! 

Let me know how it goes by writing to me on Instagram or here in the comment section below.

Love and light,


Katie McLaughlin

Founder of Awakened Wild Child

Shamanic Healer, Author and Intuitive

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