How I began to connect to the Spirit World in a Safe and Magical Way

The origins of shamanism are unclear, each continent had its own compilation of shamanic traditions and ways to connect with the spirit world. All around the world, tribes were connecting to the invisible realms, healing their bodies and interacting with nature in very similar ways, without there being any communication between tribes.

Meditation, in some shape or form, is always present within shamanic traditions especially using techniques to enter into altered states of consciousness. Shamanic Journey, in the way it is presented here, is the way I perceive it and experience it, from the teachings I have gathered from several teachers I have studied with.

I’ve gone through a lot of techniques in my years of spiritual training and learning. Shamanic Journey for me is the absolute winner.

While focusing on our breath, feeling our body and coming back to the present is SO undeniably powerful, “Shamanic Journey” can take you places you’ve never dreamed of. Journeys take you on a trip into our subconscious mind and different spirit realms allowing important information to come through.

Shamanic Journey has the potential to achieve closure in situations, physical/emotional healing and immediate clarity in just one session.

The clear distinction between meditation and Shamanic Journey is that when you journey your consciousness travels outwards. During meditation, it usually connects within, to our heart center, physical body or breath.

When you journey, you’re still sitting or laying down but the images and sensations you experience can come from other realms, the past or the future. Through Shamanic Journey we can travel to past lives, future possibilities, the underworld, the middle world, the upper world, The Akashic Records, among many other places.

The benefit of traveling this way is that the experiences you live in those realms are very vivid. You can connect to your spirit guides and receive direct guidance from them.

You can also clean, clear or heal your body on different levels. You can connect to your deceased ones and truly understand “time and space don’t exist”. There are infinite possibilities with this kind of meditations. 

These experiences all depend on your intention. A shamanic journey can be as simple or as complex as you desire it to be. If you’ve never done it before yet feel the calling, I suggest you start with our basic guided journey’s here.



  • Potential of life transforming experiences through connection to spirits in this or other realms
  •  It’s easier because your mind is engaged, going through a journey and seeing different places and beings
  • It feels like you are dreaming consciously
  • Powerful sensations and inner peace as a result
  • Improves creativity and open-mindedness, stimulates your third eye and develops your psychic abilities
  • Guided Shamanic Journeys are very relaxing
  • During the journey, you will perceive yourself walking, moving or flying from one space into another which is all sorts of fun


  •  They might be less energy consuming than journeying.
  • Safer (no spirits involved)
  • Easier to interpret
  • Connect you to your body


  • It’s ideal to have someone guide you or instruct you before starting your practice
  • It’s almost required to have a journal to write down your experiences because they tend to fade away like dreams do
  • Energy protection is required because there is connection to spirits involved most of the time
  • These are powerful experiences which can leave you feeling a bit tired sometimes.


  • Can be hard to keep your mind in check
  • Can be more difficult to focus in
  • Even though it can be as powerful as journeying, it’s not usually that way


If you feel ready and willing to begin your path with shamanic journey’s, we have created some introductory resources you could use to get started. A lot of people resonate deeply with shamanism and don’t know why. That usually shows a past live connection so if you feel drawn to this there’s a possibility you already know, deep within, this is familiar to you.

We have 3 options for you to get started with these profound experiences:

  1. Option one: I’ve created recorded shamanic journey meditations for you. They all have different intentions so you can choose the one which resonates the most. They’re the perfect way to dip your toes in the water and see if you’d like to go further into the magical lands of spiritual realms. Check them out here
  2. Option two: “The Shamanic Journey Series” is a program we are about to launch which consists of a masterclass to explain to you all you need to know about connecting to spirit guides plus 7 shamanic journey’s you can go through in a week. Stay posted to receive notice on The Journey Series launch date!
  3. Option three: Maybe you’re interested in shamanic journeys but are also interested in learning about shamanism, healing, past life regression or tarot. I offer personalized online mentorships to get you initiated, studied and practiced in any of the spiritual fields I facilitate on. If you’d like to know more just let me know through the form here.

Hope this was helpful for you! Sending love and light your way,



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