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Past Life Regression – How does it work?

Past Life Regression is incredibly useful as a healing tool.

The majority of patients looking to connect to their past lives do it usually out of curiosity. It’s safe to say that’s enough of a reason to go through this powerful experience. However, it falls short of all the other magical reasons why you could look for Past Life Regression Therapy.

If you resonate with the concept of reincarnation, you know souls travel through lifetimes evolving and learning. In each life we incarnate, we have a different physical vessel, different missions and experiences to learn and grow.

We are profoundly influenced, consciously or unconsciously, by these experiences from the past. Whenever we enter a new lifetime, there is a veil put in place for us to forget our past and focus solely on the experience at hand.

Many people, however, remember their past lives clearly. Through Past Life Regression Therapy, you can go back, remember bits and pieces of your past lifetimes and allow them to provide you with a deeper understanding of who you are and where you come from.


It’s not only about awareness, by going through past life regression therapy, you can also release blockages, release the root cause of very profound fears and also open the path ahead for new manifestations to come through.

In past lives, we have created promises and vows. These vows are sometimes very powerful and sealed with rituals and religious practices from the past. If you, for example, took a vow of poverty because back them you had entered a monastery to become a monk, there’s a possibility your unconscious mind will keep that promise in this lifetime, even if what you truly want is abundance.

By going back to that moment and releasing that promise, you allow your conscious desires to be aligned with your soul’s history and unconscious awareness.

Another powerful example is, making vows in which you promised to not have any kind of romantic or sexual relationships. By having that vow still active within your soul’s history and unconscious awareness, every time you try to establish a romantic or sexual relationship, you will most likely sabotage it or somehow repel it.

Past Life Regression Therapy can also release deep-rooted fears and phobias. Let’s say in a past life you drowned in the ocean, there’s a big chance in this lifetime you will have a phobia of the ocean. You can have these phobias and never even been near the ocean in this lifetime. You could feel terrified for no apparent reason. The reason might be those death memories.

Past life experiences, death, and negative outcomes get stored within this “memory” of ours. Then, when we want to live freely, we might be negatively influenced by them without realizing.

By going through Past Life Regression Therapy you can go back and heal those memories, opening up your life to more freedom. I have more info about it in these videos.

If you’d like to experience a Past Life Regression Therapy make sure to let me know and write to me at hello@awakenedwildchild.com. I have an online course called “Regression Immersion” which is launched 3 times a year. You can go through these simple yet powerful therapies from home and transform your current reality safely. To make sure you receive notice on its launch, subscribe to our email tribe at www.awakenedwildchild.com.

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