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Sept 6. Full Moon in Pisces! [Only love is real, Wild Child!]

Hey, wild child, how’s it going? On September 6 we are going to be experiencing a Full Moon in Pisces plus a whole other bunch of astrological alignments. If you’d like to read all about the actual alignments going on visit: an awesome astrology blog by Mara de Diego that we love here at Awakened […]

New Moon in Cancer June 23rd – Nurturing, Learning and Relaxing!

NEW MOONS New moons open new cycles and hold the energy of vibrant new beginnings. Every single month, we have a chance to open a new cycle through the new moon phase. Depending on the astrological aspects, we are invited to feel, work on or heal certain aspects of ourselves that are aligned with that […]

Understand the Importance of Moon Phases once and for all [Full Moon in Scorpio]

So, you probably see on Facebook announcements about each new moon and full moon. Maybe you read about it but feel a bit lost when all articles invite you to “make the most of the energy” and do some rituals to “set your intentions, release or manifest.” It can be a bit confusing if you’ve […]

Meet your Higher Self, give your Life a BOOST!

In regards to spirituality, many of us are guided to worship all sorts of religious figures and ascended masters as we grow up influenced by our societies collective perspectives and beliefs. Sometimes we feel connected to these beings, sometimes we don’t, at all. Either way, it is ok. I, personally, love to have a connection […]

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