When You Experience Fear, you are relying on your Own Strength

This morning I was feeling a little intimidated by some mayor missions I have been handed. So many fears had been activated over night, giving me weird symbolic dreams of how I was basically, terrified. When we are spiritually connected and in constant communication we are handed down missions and assignments for our development and to help the world around us. As I opened my Facebook today I saw Gabrielle Bernstein’s video and this blog post is 100% inspired on that video she shared today. I consider her one of my physical mentors and guides, I encourage you to follow her if you haven’t already. When we experience fear, she says, we are relying only on our own strength, so it’s natural to doubt our abilities, specially when facing BIG assignments.

What we need to remember in order to release all fear, is the following…
We are light workers. We came into the Earth at this time with a very clear mission. We are here to show up and spread the light of love wherever it will be accepted and honored. All of us, we have different ways to do this. Some may like to write, some may be healers, some may be yoga students, some maybe vegans… we are all here to show through example that this world can become a better place. We are allowed to fulfill this mission in the way we appreciate and resonate with the most. It is supposed to be a beautiful journey.

However, when we are faced with big missions that are handed down to us from the divine. It is very common to get a little intimidated. We have a image about ourselves that has been shaped and formed through many different influences over our lives, it’s natural for us to think of ourselves as “not THAT capable”. I believe this should be worked on, for the rest of our lives, to slowly start unveiling our true, infinite and powerful nature. The Universe sees us for who we really are. The Universe sees how powerful, unstoppable and abundant we can be, therefor it trusts us with big missions, knowing that the strength for its completion won’t come from us, it will come from “up there”.

The universe will trust us, not because of how strong we may be, it will trusts us entirely based on how willing we are to TRUST. Our willingness to allow the Universe to work through us will be the measure of how many big missions are trusted upon us. As I understand this, there is no way to feel any fear. How can there be fear if everything is moved, arranged and controlled from up there for the mission to take place. All we need to do is show up. All we need to do is just, make a small effort to be a clean vessel and the rest will be taken care of. Whatever situation we are experiencing that makes us feel intimidated or in fear, is an opportunity to strengthen our connection to the Universe and the light workers up there.

Gabby says something I loved on that video and it is that, the deeper the connection to the Universe, the deeper the sense of complete fearlessness will be. I agree.

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