[New Moon in Scorpio] – Nov 18th – Deep wounds, triggers and clearing


On November 18th we have a NEW MOON in Scorpio and apparently, this is one which may feel a bit uncomfortable. Scorpio deals with death and rebirth, transformation and emotions.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on in the sky. If you’d like to know ALL about the actual alignments and what’s astrologically going on, visit our friend Mara de Diego at her amazing blog “Cosmic Sensations”. Check it out HERE.


  • Our childhood or deepest wounds surfacing and a deep profound clearing
  • Shadow aspects to surface
  • Unconventional behaviors being accepted further into society or at least exposed publically


  • The energy of this new moon can feel quite uncomfortable and edgy
  • Sarcasm and bitter speech, strong passions.

A great tool for experiencing these spiritual highlights to the fullest + access detachment and higher perspectives is our Eagle Spirit Guide Meditation (click here to know more)


  1. Counting to 10 before acting (especially if we have been triggered)
  2. Apologizing if we are super edgy and bitter (if required)
  3. Spending time on our own, doing healing work and introspection

Everybody has different inner wounds and baggage to clear. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, sometimes it’s not that obvious how to proceed and clear those things.  If you’d like additional guidance, check out our personalized readings HERE.


Writing down EVERYTHING that triggers you, annoys you and makes you feel any “negative” emotions in others. Recognizing that that which annoys you in another person is an aspect of yourself which you are rejecting. This is a great time to do Shadow Work. (If you are not familiar with the concept of shadow work, check it out HERE)

After we are introduced into a society, we learn at an early age that some aspects of ourselves are “acceptable” and others are not. Our ego pushes the parts of ourselves we reject into our shadow. When there’s an aspect of ourselves in the subconscious shadow, this shadows will pop up in unexpected ways, sabotaging us and trying to get our attention for us to integrate that part of us. Through this ritual, you will be integrating the shadows you can consciously see and organizing them into aspects you’d like to INCLUDE in your personality (by including them in your YES) and aspects you’d like to minimize (by including them in your NO) 

1. Write down a list of everything that annoys you in other people

2. Write on another piece of paper the opposite word for all of those things

3. Set the following intention: 

“Right here and now, I (your name) choose to integrate every single one of this aspects into my universe and organize them into my “Yes” and my “No” categories. Right here and now, I choose to become whole by accepting every bit of myself, even the parts I have learned to reject.”

4. Then grab the list of things you are annoyed by and set the intention for these aspects of you to be integrated into your “NO” and burn the piece of paper

5. Then grab the list of opposites, which should be qualities you are drawn to and bury it on Earth. Notifying the Earth that these aspects are gonna be organized into your “YES”. 

Everything you include in your “NO” will be basically unavailable for you (unless you choose to access those qualities within yourself consciously) and everything you include in your “YES” will be magnified and integrated within your personality without effort.

Hope you have a great time this week, wild child! 

Let me know how it goes by writing to me on Instagram or here in the comment section below.

Love and light,


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