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All you need to know about the Full Moon in Sag June 9th + Easy DIY Ritual!

Life is the ever flowing energy taking us through cycles of transformation and growth. By being conscious of the moon phases, we are inevitably opening our eyes to our inner tides and connecting in a very deep way to our way of acting, thinking and feeling. (To know more about the moon phases, download your FREE 2017 Moon Calendar here)


Full moons represent completion and the ending or closure of a cycle. It is time to reap your rewards and at the same time, let go of all the excesses. Call them emotions, thought patterns, energies or relationships which have served their purpose and which might be holding us back at this point. Full moons are the perfect time to clean house (literally and metaphorically).


The full moon we’re about to enter is the full moon in Sagittarius happening on June 9th. Every new moon represents new beginnings; every full moon is about letting go, however, each one of them is special depending on the zodiac sign they fall into and all the astrological aspects tied to them.

This one, in particular, is said to bring a lot of transformation and turning points in the area of romance and finances. It’s always ideal to be mindful around new moons and full moons because emotion is heightened. When our emotions are on a high, our logic seems to step down a notch and we can easily find ourselves being impulsive and getting caught up in the stories we tell ourselves. What’s “real” might become a little foggy because we might be focusing too much on OUR perspective of things.

Through the situations we are experiencing, this Full Moon will bring positive karma and soul evolution. In the physical realm, it might bring some shape or form of a health crisis, health awareness or, in some cases, food poisoning.

In the period from June 6 to June 12, we might be remembering situations which at some point scarred us, made us feel betrayed or hurt. These situations might be popping up to help us release them once and for all (ritual below). The moon is our healing assistant; it will bring to light what needs healing in both our lives and the collectives.

It is said that during this cycle, there’s a possibility for situations that have something to do with abuse of power to be brought to the light. Both in our lives and in the world. Abuse of power will be one of the themes, sort of speak, in which we can also contemplate where have we given away our power and if we are still doing that to this point.

When we give away our power, we depend on external situations, relationships or projects to bring in our happiness. We GIVE away the power for them to make us happy instead of finding that happiness through our internal power. The truth will come out on this full moon, for better or worse regarding all of these aspects.


Full moon in Sag will bring:

  • Transformation
  • Might bring in a bit of tension on love and finances
  • Positive Karma and Soul Evolution through what comes in
  • Could bring some form of food poisoning or health issues
  • A revealing of abuse of power whether in our life or at a global scale
  • It will shine a light on the moments from our past in which we have been scarred, betrayed or tainted.
  • It will bring in a need for authenticity

Gotta be careful with:

  • Some astrological alignments will bring in what’s called an “irritation triangle” which might make us feel very, well, irritated.
  • Bursts of sudden rage or anger
  • A saviors complex (You know when you try to save those who don’t want your help or even to help themselves)
  • A sense of heightened emotions
  • Impulsive reactions


5 Questions you can journal about as part of your full moon ritual OR simply as part of your spiritual practice:

  • What am I in need to admit to myself?
  • Who have I given my power away to lately?
  • Am I feeling irritated, emotional or impulsive?
  • Who am I trying to save, even if my help has not been directly asked for?
  • What experiences have scarred me? Are they healed, healing or still feeling heavy for me?


You’ll need:

– White Candle (vanilla scented is my choice haha)
– A piece of Paper and black pen

  • Open a sacred space in the room you’re in or if you choose to do it outdoors, that works too. Open the space by repeating out loud:

“My intention right here and now is to invite all angels of love and light to enter this space and help me heal, grow and enjoy this Full Moon Ritual. I give permission to all angels of love and light to build a protective bubble of white light around this entire space for protection, privacy, and enjoyment. My intention is that everything that happens inside this space is filled with love, magic, and serenity.”

  •  Light the candle asking the Universe for healing and release of the things that no longer serve you.
  • Write down on a piece of paper all you want to release and burn it.
  •  Close your eyes, sitting comfortably in front of the candle and imagine as if your entire body was consumed by the fire. Imagine as if you were burning in a peaceful purple fire flame which will be purifying your energy, clearing your chakras from negative energies and your heart from heavy emotions. Imagine this beautiful fire consuming your worries, your saviors complex or anything that you feel is weighing you down this month including the memories of past pain. Imagine the fire consuming the whole thing.
  • Imagine a white pinkish light coming down from heaven into the top of your head and entering every cell in your body. Recharging you, balancing you and helping you feel serene from this point of the month on for two weeks.
  • Last but not least, imagine the full moon as if it was right in front of you and imagine it’s light (lunar prana) showering your body with silver, sparkling light that will awaken your consciousness, connection to your feminine energy AND inner wisdom.

Enjoy the magical energy of this new moon, wild child! Comment on the section below and tell us 3 things you have been feeling irritated of on this “irritation triangle” period. 

Lots of love to you!


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