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Sept 6. Full Moon in Pisces! [Only love is real, Wild Child!]

Hey, wild child, how’s it going?

On September 6 we are going to be experiencing a Full Moon in Pisces plus a whole other bunch of astrological alignments.

If you’d like to read all about the actual alignments going on visit: www.cosmicsensations.com an awesome astrology blog by Mara de Diego that we love here at Awakened Wild Child.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on in the sky according to DARKPIXIEASTROLOGY and ASTROLOGYKING.COM


  • Fogginess and a general sense of confusion which can trick us into seeing a “reality” that is not actually there
  • Feeling very sensitive and emotional
  • Lack of clarity which can push you over the edge through impatience, mistrust, deception or idealism
  • Basically, this moon will amplify certain things. If there are fantasies, they will be amplified into a distorted reality. If there’s suspicion, it will be amplified into paranoia. 


  • A blurry reality, in which it will be harder to tell what’s real from what’s in your head
  • Feeling disappointment, discouragement and weakness towards our dreams or goals
  • Feeling little to no patience based on assumptions instead of facts
  • Erroneous psychic impressions and picking up energy from others
  • If you begin to lose hope about your situation, know it is a distorted perspective created by the full moon energies and alignments
  •  Be careful with suspicion, mistrust, and vulnerability in romance, it could poison an otherwise good experience


  1. By understanding the reality we need to get grounded in. Observe the reality, not the potential of the situation. 
  2. Design a mantra specifically for your situation, to bring you back if you get discouraged, paranoid or overly hopeful.
  3. Bring yourself back to the notion of reality being distorted before making ANY decisions
  4. Sit down whenever you need, focus and look at the facts
  5. Actively make an effort to be as patient as you can
  6. Connect to compassion for yourself and others at this time
  7. If facts come to light, that you don’t like, observe and if possible, make decisions further down the line
If you’d like additional clarity, don’t hesitate to contact me for a Tarot Reading (Check out the options here)


You’ll need:

  • A piece of paper or a journal you like to write on
  • Black ink pen
  • A white candle (or any candle if you can’t find a white one)
  • An essential oil or fragrance of your preference (doTERRA essential oils rock, check them out here)

What’s this ritual for?

We will design an intention for your current situation and we will anchor it into a scent of your liking. That way whenever you are in the “hustle and bustle” of life, feeling less than ideal perhaps, through just smelling that fragrance you will be anchored back into your state of perfect balance.  

STEP #1 

The intention. Fill in the blanks. Write the whole thing and allow each space to be as extensive as necessary.

“My intention is to be fully centered, connected to reality and in a state of loving compassion in the situation regarding:

My intention is to feel:

If this were to happen, I choose to feel:

My intention is to anchor these loving energies to this particular scent and that by just smelling it, it has the power to bring me back into this state, no matter how far I could’ve gotten from it.

My intention is to remember that the truth of this situation is:

and that that’s the only reality I accept within my universe. I let it be so, I allow the Universe to fully support me and guide me lovingly through the trials of life.


“My intention is to remain fully centered, connected to reality and in a state of loving compassion in the situation regarding the new projects and proposals I’ve received recently regarding my book. My intention is to feel grounded, centered, clear, connected to my priorities, authentic, genuine, responsible and consistent when I approach or make any decisions moving on into the future. Or if this happens: misunderstandings, if I realize some of those things aren’t gonna work for me, if I am asked to give more time and effort than I honestly believe I can deliver, I choose to feel that way through whatever happens and I choose to address things like a responsible kick ass #girlboss and that’s the only reality I accept within my universe. I let it be so, I allow the Universe to fully support me and guide me lovingly through the trials of life.”

If you feel like there’s more than one situation which could potentially benefit from clarity, especially going into this full moon, write 1 intention for each. 

STEP #2 

Light the candle, with the intention of that light bringing you into that perfect and ideal state of balance. Focus your eyes gently on the flame for 5 minutes or more if you like, connected to the feelings you desire to experience throughout the whole 2 weeks in which the Full Moon will be felt. Feel the way you wish to feel during those 2 weeks.


Hold your essential oil or fragrance in your hands, imagine that state of being anchoring itself on the fragrance and within you at the same time. Fill that essence with your loving energy. It’s important to not feel, think, or connect to any fear based thoughts or energies while holding it. If you feel like you get distracted into thinking of negative possibilities, stop holding the fragrance and once you are centered again continue.

Voila. Take that essence with you in your purse or pocket everywhere you go and if you feel yourself drifting into a state you don’t like, use it to bring you right back. 

If you wanna make the absolute best of this ritual and have it work forevah, do so. I recommend these essential oils which are my absolute favorites. Click here to SHOP! 
Love you guys!
Have a good one and remember, only love is real. 

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