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Go from “Whacky” to “In control” during Moon Phases in 3 Steps [Gemini New Moon – May 25th]

Every single month, we have a chance to open a new cycle through the new moon phase. Depending on the astrological aspects, we are invited to feel, work on or heal certain aspects of ourselves that are aligned with that particular moon. This time around, we are going through the new moon in the sign of Gemini on May 25th.


Wild child, get ready because this new moon in Gemini will probably bring about a need for control or a need for clarity, that if not satisfied might bring annoyance and frustration, especially regarding our love life and finances. No need to worry though. The more we flow, the better we’ll go. Embracing uncertainty and it’s magic will help us see that when nothing is certain, everything is possible. (This article can get you inspired if you feel a bit resistant to the idea of uncertainty, click here)

We might face problems with authority figures or deep rooted authoritative archetypes within ourselves the following days after the new moon. There’s a possibility the effects of the new moon can be felt from May 22 to May 28. Mark your calendar so you remember to be an observer on those dates.

The emotions of confusion, chaos, and excitement might be present. It is the perfect opportunity for you to observe yourself, see what is in need of healing and choose consciously to face it head on. Facing issues from the past that might come to the surface can also be a great way to navigate these energies.

A great way to make the most out of this energies is to receive the new moon in nature or retreat somewhere for the weekend near those dates. Know that, you can still feel very excited, joyful and grateful at this time. Lots of exciting conversations about the future may appear, bringing clarity and the clear milestone for a new beginning. 


  • Salt baths: Whether it is a delicious hot tub with candles OR just as a scrub while you shower, salt has the ability to absorb negative energies and neutralize your mood. If you have been observing yourself and know that you get a bit whacky under the new moon’s (or full moons) influence, get yourself some sea salt and do any of these options daily while the moon phases are happening. Through a handful into the tub with hot water or use as a scrub to cover your whole body, then rinse it all off before stepping out of the shower.
  • Palo Santo or Sage: Whenever you begin to feel shifts, allow the sacred smoke to cleanse your auric field and your general energy by lighting up some Palo Santo or sage. If you feel a mild headache, fatigue or a bit of heaviness, this will do wonders for you. Just light them on and pass the stick close to your body for the smoke to cleanse you.
  •  Lots of water: The more hydrated you are the better you’ll feel. Energies will move smoothly within you and the physical symptoms of the moon phases will be minimized.

I would highly suggest you take some days before making any major decision regarding the lack of clarity you’re experiencing. Take note of all the emotions the moon phase is bringing to you and after it’s effect passes, make those decisions. Sometimes it seems like the moon makes decisions for us, through other people’s choices. If that’s the case, allow. Allow things to come in and out of your life at this time without resistance.


What you’ll need:

  • 2 Pieces of paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Lighter
  • A seed (it could be a bean, lentil or cashew seed)
  • Somewhere to plant the seed

Let’s do this!

  • First, write down on a piece of paper everything you want to manifest (wishes, dreams, and desires you have)
  • Then on the other piece of paper, write everything you are ready to let go of. (Relationships, perspectives, fears, self-imposed limitations or painful memories)
  • Say out loud: “Universe, right here and now I release:” and read the paper out loud
  • Burn the piece of paper
  • Read the remaining paper, the one with your wishes, out loud while holding the seed in one of your hands
  • After you finish vocalizing your desires, ceremoniously plant the seed and water it. (It would be ideal if the seed could be planted somewhere where the moonlight reaches)
  • Thank all of your spirit guides, the universe and angels if you feel like it. Give thanks in advance for everything you will be manifesting. Ask your angels to fill you with divine loving energy to fill the spaces left empty by the previous release.
  • Voila! You are done.

Please share with us how you felt doing this ritual and share it with your friends so you can all manifest together!

Love & Light,


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