3 tips to Life Changing Insights! – Make the most of this months General Tarot Reading (July 2017)

Tarot is absolute magic and here at AwakenedWildChild.com, we want to share it with you. By gifting you our special FREE monthly tarot forecast we hope you can get a glimpse of what’s in store for you and get ready for it (or get ready to change it, if you prefer)


General readings are intended for everybody, all astrological signs, women, and men. Naturally, since it’s so general, sometimes the destiny lines described through the cards are not our own and sometimes, they are! To make the most out of any general reading, these are our 3 top suggestions:

  • Take what resonates, leave the rest: You know in your heart when something is true and that resonance is the ideal way to take what’s good for you from a reading. Many people try to fit their lives to the reading, trying to make sense of every word and often finding themselves frustrated. We suggest you take what you know is describing you and write them on a journal aside and let all the other possibilities described on the reading slide if you feel they’re not talking about you. 
  • Don’t trust predictions, until they are in front of you, manifested: Cards, especially while on a general reading, can predict moments of turbulence, love coming in or different scenarios which can be cookin’ while you listen to the reading. Although many times, those scenarios find a way into our lives through different avenues, if we focus too hard on something coming we might attract it and create it from thin air. Know that if something shows, it MIGHT happen and if you don’t like it, through the present moment you can change it. If something shows that you DO like, allow it to make you feel hopeful but don’t get too attached to any outcome because truly, life is messy and anything can happen. 
  • Take what can make your life better: If there’s an aspect of your personality being brought to light for healing, let’s say you have been feeling very anxious due to something and the cards bring it up, use it as a way to heal. Find within the general reading healthy suggestions that can have the potential to help you heal or evolve and pay the most attention to that.

General readings are always helpful if you know how to make the most of them however, nothing beats personalized readings because they are tailored to your life specifically. If you ever want to go deeper, just let me know, wild child. We have a lot of options for personalized readings for you. CLICK HERE TO CHECK THEM OUT.

Hope this serves you, love!

Write to me and let me know what you think about our FREE July General Monthly Tarot Reading!


CLICK HERE to watch the Spanish version of this reading.


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