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Energy Healing – How to get rid of Anxiety, Stress & Disconnect

Energy healing can profoundly help you feel more relaxed, anxiety-free and stress-free. Energy Healing can revert years and years of burnout, emotional challenges and help you rekindle the flame within your heart once and for all.

Many of us feel alone when going through a difficult moment, the thing is if you’re going through spiritual awakening many past wounds, energy blockages, fears, and insecurities will be pushed to the surface to be released and cleared. Doing it alone is not necessary, by asking for help and receiving help the journey becomes a whole lot nicer. Promise.

There are many types of energy healings and in this article, I will be sharing with you the common problems shamanic medicine aims to solve through energy healing.

According to the “Holistic & Alternative Medicine Directory”: “Energy Healing is a form of healing that manipulates, restores and balances the flow of energy in the body. The energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client, helping remove energy deficiencies and blockages and allowing the body to activate it’s natural ability to heal itself.”


Shamanic Energy Healing is no different. It aims to do the same through very specific methods. There are tons of options when choosing what kind of energy healing is the best for you. Through this article, we will provide a detailed description of Shamanic Energy Healing and how it can help you feel better.

Energy Healing from the Shamanic Point of View Many shamanic traditions recognize these 3 main imbalances as the root of all trouble.

  1. Disrupted Energy:

If any of your chakras are blocked, very low in vital energy or filled with low vibrational energies stemming from past pain, painful memories or fears, there’s a big chance you’re not feeling at your best. When you’re chakras are aligned, energized and working properly, you will feel relaxed, light and generally peaceful. Whenever the chakra system is out of balance it can manifest as: physical issues, fatigue, emotional disruptions, cloudy mind, disconnect from the sense of joy and peace, self-sabotage, poor sleep, fear-based thinking, anxiety etc. Through Chakra Balancing techniques and Yoga you can also find great relief. 

2. Energy Parasites:

Shamans are those capable of traveling through the invisible realms of spirit. Shamans learn how to communicate with the deceased and also see “beyond” physical reality. In the invisible realms of spirit there are all sorts of beings and just like in our waking reality, not all humans are nice, it’s the same over there. Not all spirits are nice and angelic. Some of them have heavier energies and need to feed off our energy like parasites.


If an energy parasite has attached itself to you, there’s nothing to fear. “It’s all figureoutable” as Marie Forleo says. Once this happens your anxiety will skyrocket though. You may experience all your fears, addictive tendencies, overthinking, physical issues, anxiety, depression, and negative thinking spiral out of your control. Energy Healing is the best way to deal with this, in my opinion.

3. Soul Fragmentation

When we experience a VERY painful situation or a very shocking experience, our soul can become fragmented to protect us. By doing so, part of our vital energy leaves taking away with it the memories of the difficult situation and sparing us of the mental distress. Surgeries, intense heartbreak, loss and big accidents (car crashes, falls, plane accidents etc) can trigger this and afterward we might not feel like “ourselves”.

The thing is, If this happens enough, slowly but surely we will lose a lot of our vital energy and a lot of “who we are”. If we’ve been through a lot, we will inevitably begin to feel fatigued, exhausted, unmotivated, lost, cynical and disconnected from love. By going through an Energy Healing called “Soul Retrieval” you receive all of this lost energy back. The practitioner will retrieve this energy for the patient allowing them to return to sparkly, blissful selves within weeks.

Energy Healing helps restore your entire being and reconnect you to your essence, your natural state of happiness and ease. (If you’re looking to explore my Energy Healing Therapies further, check mine here)

Many of us are holding so much baggage from our past and from our family’s past, we have believed it’s ok to feel this tired and stressed. It’s not.

You deserve to wake up every morning feeling grateful, blissful and trusting. It is a possibility once you decide to shed all the heavy energies still stored within you.

When you begin you’re healing path, you are opening the door for light to come through and help you get rid of everything in the way of your highest good. However, it is important for you to know that once you begin Energy Healing, there’s potential for discomfort while the energy is still been released. Sometimes it get’s worse before it get ’s better.

In my Energy Healings, I always recommend patients to be very patient with themselves the 2 weeks after they’ve received the therapy. Many times patients experience headaches, fatigue, profound sleep, lots of crying and clearing as they begin to get settled within their new vibration. This is a good sign that things are moving and the effects of the energy healing will be powerful.

After a few months, without any effort, patients realities improve dramatically to match their new energy frequency. Our external world is a direct reflection of our internal state. When we begin energy healing, the world around us shifts accordingly, bringing in a lot more opportunities, blessings, energy, inspirations, people, love prospects, happiness and reasons to feel grateful.

If you resonate with these energy healing therapies and all they can do for you, let me know! I would love for us to work together and get you back into shape.

My name is Katie McLaughlin, I’m an author, healer, and intuitive – I’m here to assist everyone going through a transformation and spiritual awakening to navigate their internal world harmoniously.

Hope this article is helpful. If it is please check out our Youtube Channel HERE to get more free valuable techniques and info to support your spiritual awakening.

Sending all my love,

Katie McLaughlin

Author, Healer and Intuitive

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