“Love and Let Go”

May the magic of a clean slate, a new beginning, set you free. May you have the certainty that by disposing what no longer serves you, you are born, one more time, into your divinity. May your life always shift and flux, adapting to the ever changing capacity of your heart and the new levels of love available.

May you understand, none of what happens is as real as it feels. Leaving aspects of who we think we are behind, only opens space for a broader, wiser, version of ourselves to come through. We are healing, evolving and learning, and forever, our life will reflect that. We will become better equipped to receive bigger blessings, higher levels of love and higher frequencies all over. To get there, however, we must allow change.

We must understand, change might be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to. Leaving situations behind while being redirected can be a beautiful dance between us and the cosmos. If we allow ourselves to dance from one relationship to the next, from one situation to the next while focusing on how WE are improving, for the rest of our lives we will be at ease.

We need to learn, to let go. Love and let go. Dream and let go. Feel and let go. We are the ever present observer while our lives reflects to us, the blossoms and rewards our healing journey has brought upon us.

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