Your angels are trying to talk to you! Are you listening?

Have you been seeing repetitive number sequences around? If you have been checking out my Instagram stories, you know I’ve been bombarded by them lately. As soon as I began sharing all about them, many of you sent comments and pictures of your own encounters with these mystical numbers. Are they signs? Are they messages? All the info below! 

I’ve been doing some research and there’s a lot of information about this. Every number sequence seems to have different meanings but almost ALL resources point to ANGELS! Yes, angels! I love angels…

Angels are loving beings of light which watch over us, help us and love to spend time with us. Whether you see angels as animals, feathered human shaped beings or just energy, their loving presence has been talked about for centuries in almost every culture. 

It is said that angels can’t really help you if you don’t ask. We all have some shape or form of “free will” and they can’t intervene in it. Only if you’re life is threatened before you’re supposed to “kick the bucket” they can intervene without your permission. Until then, we gotta ask.


  1. It means you’re on the right track. When synchronicities like that began appearing, it means you are vibrating at higher frequencies.
  2. It means your angels have a specific message for you.


  • The clock (example: 11:11AM)
  • Receipts (example: $11.11)
  • On billboards
  • On plane tickets
  • On bar codes
  • On internet links, websites or codes
  • license plates
  • lottery tickets


If you have seen some of them lately, don’t miss this: 


The repetition of the number 1 symbolizes new beginnings, opportunities and chances in which having a positive and optimistic attitude will bring great rewards. It tells you to focus on what’s good and try to ignore the fears, doubts or concerns that might show up. Be positive, think positive and then you will manifest positive outcomes.


The repetition of the number 2 reminds you to TRUST and understand that you are supported by the Universe. Your prayers have been heard and are being answered.


The repetition of the number 3 invites you to reconnect with your intuition, inner voice, and heart over other people’s opinions or expectations. Ascended Masters are near you.


The repetition of number 4 reminds you to recognize the presence of your angels and draw energy, ideas, support and love from them. Your angels are offering help to you. Also, remember that manifesting is way easier if you plan accordingly.


The repetition of number 5 is letting you know big changes are coming for you. Remain grounded and aware as these changes begin to unfold in your life.


The repetition of number 6 is a wake-up call coming from the angels. They encourage you to balance your materialistic and spiritual pursuits and reconnect to what’s important to you. It also encourages you to reconnect with love, peace, and harmony.


The repetition of number 7 is a confirmation from your angels that the difficulties and obstacles are now left behind for a brand new chapter of life to unfold. Success and relief are on its way.


The repetition of number 8 is a confirmation that financial abundance is available for you. You have worked hard and diligent and now are ready to reap the rewards. It also extends to different areas suggesting abundance in all.


The repetition of number 9 is a message from your angels telling you that your life mission and purpose will be unfolding soon and it will be in some shape or form connected to your innate skills and talents.

Thought this might be useful to have around. Remember anytime you see another “angel number” you have this article right here waiting for you to find the message! 

Tons of love,

Katie McLaughlin 

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