If you ever feel tired, read this!

Sometimes we find ourselves exhausted. Tired and drained from situations that have just taken “too long” to get fixed. We might feel caught up in the illusion that we should’ve been able to overcome these situations by now. We feel like victims of our circumstances sometimes but, what we forget is that, the Universe is guiding us in absolute perfect ways and that point of exhaustion is exactly where it intends to take us.

Only in that place, can you truly pull back and be grateful for what you need to be grateful for. Only in that place, can you realise how strong you truly are and how, your strength doesn’t even belong to you. It comes from the eternal source of light within. There’s truly nothing you can’t overcome. It’s all an illusion.

There’s situations that challenge everything we know, everything we have and every bit of resilience we can access. We grow wiser, we grow deeper and we become mature in spirit. Only under such pressure can we truly become as resourceful as we need to be. We discover new ways to be, new ways to act and new ways to think. Everything we used to ignore, becomes a source of power when we really need to find power within.

The depth that is uncovered through this intense pressure the Universe puts us in, will remain with us forever. Like diamonds, we need to understand that, if we want to truly live up to our full potential, no time will be wasted, it will be invested. Whether it is our choice or the Universes. If we want to become that diamond, we will put pressure on ourselves in ways that will bring that potential to the light. If the Universe is the one trying to turn us into everything we need to be, it will pressure us, big time.

Suffering is optional. Our thoughts, our words, our level of gratitude and our focus on the present moment are all up to us. These aspects can make any situation bearable, however, the Universe will push. It will push our limits, time and time again, so we understand limits are just illusions. The universe will make sure we understand the magnitude of our power, even if we are too comfortable to see it.

Situations which bring exhaustion, the kind you feel in your soul, are the greatest gifts. These situations catapult you into your becoming. These situations are tailored to transform you into the person you need to be in order to make those dreams you have, a reality. You ask for the diamond but the Universe will take care of the process. You will become the diamond, put you need to put up with the pressure and never lose aim.

The only reason why we are pressured, sometimes more so than others around, is because we are supposed to be diamonds and darling, diamonds can’t be broken.

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