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New Moon in Cancer June 23rd – Nurturing, Learning and Relaxing!


New moons open new cycles and hold the energy of vibrant new beginnings. Every single month, we have a chance to open a new cycle through the new moon phase. Depending on the astrological aspects, we are invited to feel, work on or heal certain aspects of ourselves that are aligned with that particular moon. (Have you downloaded your FREE 2017 Moon Calendar yet? Download it here)


This one is gonna be a whole lot lighter, wild child! Happy to share that with you. This new moon will bring a bright and positive energy which will help us feel the good vibes.

Even though it falls on CANCER, there’s still influence from Mercury and Gemini. We will be feeling very inclined to learn new skills, study, apply our knowledge or be intellectually stimulated. Through our “study craving”, we will feel refreshed and rewired.

Not only that, some of us will feel very nurtured OR feel an intense need to nurture others. This moon will bring balance and inspiration as we take care of our loved ones. It will feel completely genuine and not at all “too much”.

By now we have learned that, if we’re tired, we can’t serve anyone. So if we allow it, it is a great time to nurture ourselves. It is a very fertile time for new ideas and projects to come to fruition.


New Moon in Cancer will bring…

  • Bright n’ light energy
  • Inspiration to learn and grow
  • Need to nurture others
  • Need to nurture ourselves
  • Fertility for new projects and ideas


  • Giving too much and not receiving the same energy back
  • Burnout of any kind (don’t allow it, beautiful)


5 Questions you can journal about as part of your new moon ritual OR simply as part of your spiritual practice:

  • How do I nurture myself weekly?
  • How do I nurture myself daily?
  • What can I do to nurture myself more?
  • What am I interested in learning?
  • What can I do today, to learn something new and get lit up?


You’ll need:
  • Hot tub, jacuzzi or sauna
  • Essential Oils (doTERRA are my absolute favorite if you want some click here)
  • Your favorite Tea
  • Sea salt
  • A candle (if you have one)


This will be YOUR special self-love ritual for the month of June. If you have a tub, light some incense or your candle. Create a delicious atmosphere and invite all your angels to join you and lift the vibrations of the space.

Throw a handful of the sea salt into the (VERY) hot water, as some drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender, eucalyptus, “Serenity” or “peace” by doTERRA would truly help you decompress – more info here).

Get in, have your tea near and rock some mantras on the background.

Blissfully enjoy and as your senses experience heaven, state out loud your desires for the month. Remember new moon is a great time to plant seeds and intentions to have them blossom over time.


If you have access to a sauna, it will be kind of similar.

Pour some drops of your favorite doTERRA oil over the rocks or in the water before you pour it in to create some steam. Sit there (I highly recommend LOUD mantras playing) and just relax.

Set your intentions as your muscles relax with the heat and the oils.

You deserve all the love and pampering in the world, wild child! 

Never forget it. 

Tons of love,

Katie McLaughlin

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