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[Full Moon in TAURUS] Nov. 3rd – Romance, Magic and Intuition is HIGH!


On November 3rd we have a FULL MOON in TAURUS. According to AstrologyKing.com, the Venus placement will create the following opportunities:

“This will enhance the good fortune of the new moon and bring friendship, love, and romance, but only if you are patient, open-minded and flexible.” 

Here’s a summary of what’s going on in the sky. If you’d like to know ALL about the actual alignments and what’s astrologically going on, visit our friend Mara de Diego at her amazing blog “Cosmic Sensations”. Check it out HERE.


  • Full moons = Moments of completion, ending of the lunar cycle. Energy is at it’s highest.
  • Neptune’s presence will make you more sensitive, intuitive, emotional and romantic.
  • Opposing forces making themselves known (Example: your ego vs. your intuition / what you need vs. what you want etc.) 
  • Increased clarity about what you need to transcend, work on and deal with in order to gain harmony in your relationships
  • Neptune’s presence can make you feel more imaginative, creative and connected to your intuition
  • Very strong spiritual vibe and openness to spiritual experiences
  • Heightened and more accurate intuition, the ability to feel others emotions and thoughts
  • Perfect time to fall in love and find your truest soul-mate or twin flame


  • Inner tension plus exterior pressure can bring some conflict
  • Energy drainage, do your best to cater to your needs (rest well, eat well and channel your energies through physical activity)
  • Close-mindedness, social programming, and fear could block potential romantic connections

A great tool for experiencing these spiritual highlights to the fullest + access Unconditional Love is our Bear Spirit Guide Meditation (click here to know more)


  1. Spending time in high vibrational places with awesome people
  2. Laughing and enjoying every synchronicity to it’s fullest
  3. Keeping a journal of your synchronicities, telepathic impressions, spiritual insights and dreams


  • Find something that anchors you to your highest vibrational state/ highest consciousness level and connect to it constantly (whether this is an audio, meditation or a mantra) 
  • Breathe imagining that your heart is the one breathing instead of your nose. Draw air into your heart and out of your heart several times with the intention to connect to your truth and let go of any outdated beliefs, constricting ego-based thoughts and negativity.
  • Embrace a complete “allowance” attitude regarding romance, love and potential partners. Allow yourself to live in the moment and release any expectations or ego-based thoughts.

Hope you have a great time this week, wild child! 

Let me know how it goes by writing to me on Instagram or here in the comment section below.

Love and light,


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