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Tarot Readings – Are they truly dangerous?

First, let’s ask ourselves what exactly is a Tarot Reading?

So, many people feel intensely curious about Tarot Readings but have heard it’s dangerous or scary. Maybe you would love a Tarot Reading but feel like it may confuse you or can create an unnecessary expectation for your life. Been there!

Once I connected with my first deck, I felt like a beautiful energy lit up within my heart. I felt back home somehow and I found that it’s actually very healing and helpful when approached in the right way.

Here’s a little introduction for you…

The Tarot System of cards is said to go back to Egypt and was introduced to Europe in the 14th century. The Tarot is an intricate system of cards which includes aspects of numerology, astrology, archetype wisdom, psychology, alchemy, and divination. It consists of 78 cards divided into Mayor Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Mayor Arcana consists of 22 cards representing a journey and all the possible stages/energies available from a process that begins to one which ends.

It’s incredibly intricate and complex however VERY easy to learn. There’s a lot of information in each card. Each card has multiple meanings, the interactions between the cards also reveal additional information and the use of spreads allows the reader to get all the information necessary to provide the person with a clear path and guidance to help them heal and receive clarity.

How does it work?

Even though the cards have a lot of information, they won’t work to their fullest potential unless it is energetically “activated”. To do this the reader needs to create a connection with the card deck and through the connection, the deck will respond to the reader’s requests or intentions of providing the specific information required for the patient or client.

Are their spiritual forces at play during Tarot Readings?

The Tarot has the potential to attract all sorts of spirits, if used recklessly because it is a form of communication from the invisible world into our world. The reader must be aware of this and set all the necessary protections in place for the Tarot Reading to be a lovely experience for both people. Depending on the reader, the reader can choose which spirit guides they would like to be the ones assisting with the readings as well.

The safest way to be always protected is to create a “sacred space protection” where space is protected before even beginning to set up the reading. Setting a proper intention to only work with your “angels of love and light” will allow all the information coming through to be especially received from trustworthy guides.

Could Tarot Readings be Dangerous?

Well, they can be if done without the consciousness required to do a responsible reading. If the reader is just “playing” with the cards with no awareness of the energies coming through, there’s a possibility for less than desirable spirits to come through, make themselves present or try to communicate to the reader.


Why do some spiritual paths consider Tarot Readings dangerous?

For the same reason. It can expose you to heavy energies and entities which will, in turn, affect you if you don’t do it with a responsible reader. Luckily for you, if anyone would be at risk, it would be the mostly the reader, not the client.

This stuff is important and I would have loved to know about this. When I was younger, I went to get a Tarot Reading with some friends. They well as miss informed as me so we wound up in a really sketchy place with an even sketchier reader. I immediately felt uncomfortable and chose not to the reading.

Listen to your gut feeling! If you ask your angels to support this quest and ask them to guide you to the reader which can truly help you heal and support your journey through a Tarot Reading, they will!

I put together some tips to choose the ideal reader for you and make sure you like their style.

How to choose your Tarot Reader?

  1. Research them first- In this day and age, most people who take their job seriously will have some kind of online presence, even if it isn’t their thing. You can probably find some information beforehand to help you make your choice.
  2. Check to see if the reader has any Youtube Free Readings you can check out. This is very helpful because you can find out if their style and communication resonates with you. (If you’d like to receive a FREE & FULL Tarot Reading for 2018 you can retrieve the videos I created for each zodiac sign HERE. By subscribing you will receive an email with 12 video Tarot Readings for 2018 – One for each zodiac sign)
  3.  Choose someone who is flexible with their insights. Choose someone who is completely aware that nothing is “set in stone” and that if you choose to change something in your reality, you are the only one truly in charge of your reality. (Avoid fear based readers who could leave you feeling freaked out instead of at peace)
  4.  Choose someone who respects their work and time. $5 dollar readings will probably provide you with $5 worth experience. Pick someone who charges fairly for their time and effort. People who charge too little usually have issues with self-worth and they are usually stuck in limited perspectives of lack, which can then be transferred into the insights during the Tarot Reading. A reader who you can tell is doing “well” financially is usually someone who provides a quality service and abundant perspective for your reading.

Hope this was helpful. For me, discovering Tarot Readings gave me a positive outlook and understanding of all the experiences that occurred in my life. They have given me so much peace over the years.

If you’d like to book a reading with me, please let me know. You can check out all the options herePlease comment in this article and let me know if this was useful to you.

Sending all my love,

Katie McLaughlin

Healer / Author & Intuitive

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