[New Moon in Virgo – Sept. 20 ] Releasing attachments + Flowing through change!


On September 20th we have a powerful New Moon in Virgo and various astrological alignments creating some inspired change and transformation in our lives. Eclipse season passed bringing a lot of change and shaking up everything from our life that has served its purpose. Also, we have been guided into higher levels of awareness within our lives.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on in the sky. If you’d like to know ALL about the actual alignments and what’s astrologically going on, visit our friend Mara de Diego at her amazing blog “Cosmic Sensations”. Check it out HERE.


  • New moons = time for fresh beginnings, setting intentions and planning ahead
  • Feeling the need to “improve” things or “perfect” things
  • Feeling the need to evaluate our attachments and release those which are useless or hurtful
  • The need to adapt to sudden change, flexibility is called for.


  • Resistance to change can generate suffering. If something needs to go or change, flow with it voluntarily instead of resisting it.
  • Relationship crisis might appear if the cycles have reached an end. People “dropping out” or partnerships/friendships/relationships.

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  1.  By truly allowing ourselves to be guided by our inner compass, evaluating our reality and discerning all that is useful from what is not useful anymore.
  2. Making it our personal mission to be as “flowy” as possible, allowing ourselves to flow like water through any scenarios that might present themselves around this moon
  3. Ritualizing a conscious new beginning, setting intentions, having some “me-time”


This time around, I’m gonna be offering you guys something different. Due to the nature of this moon, I just realized that our new program “The Shamanic Journey Series” is a perfect fit to use as a ritual creating a deep evaluation within ourselves of all aspects of us. This program includes 7 guided meditations (among other things) that will guide you gently into evaluating every aspect of who you are, one meditation at a time. This could be SERIOUSLY awesome to do around this full moon. If it resonates with you, check it out HERE.

Besides, that, which I feel is the best option, another ritual you can do to take advantage of this powerful new moon is: 

To fold a piece of paper in half and write down on one side YES and on the other side NO. Connect to our heart center, set your intentions to be completely honest with yourself and write down below the word YES: all that is working for you in life, everything that makes you feel inspired, joyful and blissful. Once you finish there, reconnect to your heart center and afterward write below the word NO, everything that feels icky to you. Everything that feels constrictive, stale or plain “meh”, write all of it down without judgment, in total honesty to yourself.

After that, set your intention to set all the changes you need in motion to either release those NO things or transform them in the sweetest way possible into something that makes you feel aligned again. 

Simple =)

Hope you have a great time this week, wild child! 

Let me know how it goes by writing to me on Instagram or here in the comment section below.

Love and light,


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