Perfect Opportunity to Soar! [Solar Eclipse + New Moon in Leo] AUGUST 21

Hey, wild child!

So much movement going on right? This eclipse season has been magical! We still have another eclipse this month, on the 21st we’ll have ANOTHER New Moon in Leo + a solar eclipse which is the perfect opportunity to close a big chapter and open one which is completely different, more aligned with who you aim to be in the world.

Solar eclipses, like all eclipses, a great tool the universe uses to shake us up, call our attention and demand changes that will be helpful for our development and evolution.

New Moons are the perfect opportunity to set our intentions for the next cycle ahead. The new moon, which can’t be seen in the sky, will be gaining light up until it becomes “full moon”. The intentions that we set during the new moon night, will gain energy for their manifestation in the same way.


– Lots of energy, self-awareness, revelations, clarity, intuition, and “a-ha” moments.
Ambition, motivation, initiative and prosperous new ideas, projects and ventures
Closing a major chapter and opening an even better one
Feeling proud of what makes you who you are.
Letting go of habits, behaviors, and addictions which are doing you no good
– Freedom, expansion, and connections to new interesting people
New long term relationships starting
Permanent Change
– Call to female leadership


– You might feel greedy, self-centered and ruthless on the way to the top
– “Writing checks you cannot cash” (making offers you can’t back up fully)
– There’s a possibility jealousy is triggered on those around you, based on your “wins” at this time
Our electronic devices, sensitive data, and personal information


Understand and accept that certain things need to end in order for better ones to begin
– Make it a personal goal to let go as gracefully as possible of everything that needs to go
Set your intentions through ritual knowing that they will impact the next 6 months
– Make an inventory of everything in your life that has served its purpose and needs to be released
– I personally love transformations (redecorating your room, having a change of look, things like that)
If truth is shown, accept it, don’t continue to deny it, see it fully.


You’ll need:
– several pieces of paper
– a black pen
– matches or a lighter
– a place to burn stuff
– a candle, incense or sage
– offerings: could really be anything (herbs, rice, flowers, essential oils, seeds etc.)

STEP #1 – Create a sacred space calling in your angels, guides, the 4 elements and the 4 directions. Light your incense and clear the space if necessary. Light your candle with the intention to be fully present within the processes triggered by this eclipse and new moon. Meditate for 5 minutes, staring at the fire flame and center yourself.
STEP #2 – Write on a piece of paper, all the things in your life which have reached a breaking point or which are obviously ready to depart your reality. Not only mention them but write thank you letters for them in an attempt to truly release them and have closure.
STEP #3 – Thank the Universe for the opportunity to live these experiences and lessons, as you burn the papers.
STEP #4 – Write in a different piece of paper, your intentions for the next 6 months.
STEP #5 – Go somewhere in nature (or get a potted plant) and bury the piece of paper in dirt, place offerings of any kind on top of it with the intention of them blossoming into all you wish them to become during the next 6 months.

If you’d like more clarity, a card reading could help your own personalized process and story (Check out the options here)

If you’d like to know about the astrological alignments and everything that is triggering these energies, click here. (Cosmic Sensations Blog by Mara de Diego)

Wishing you the best of luck, love, and light to you all =)


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