Receiving with Arms wide Open

Wake up, serve myself. Get my energy high enough to go serve others. I see the change in people’s eyes, people who need someone to listen. Patients come in, patients come out and I can’t help to feel grateful for the opportunity to serve others. Serving is something I never thought I would get joy from but after finding out I could do it my way, everything changed. I love to give now and I spend hours thinking on how can I put stuff out there into the world for others to benefit from, the thing is… Nothing I do will truly be of service unless I am feeling the best I could be feeling.

When we create, whatever we create, that creation carries our energy and vibrational frequency. We need to take good care of ourselves to be able to care for other, that’s pretty obvious. There’s ways in which we need to allow ourselves to receive though, that are not that obvious…
Receiving comes in many shapes and forms. I work hard and I honestly enjoy to work hard if it is on stuff I care about. I have been wishing to manifest financial abundance before and I came to a realization a few months ago. There’s still a part of me that believes the only way for money to come in and for me to consider it as a blessing is if I am actively working for it. If a miracle would come in, in which I would receive a lot of money without the hard work, part of me would feel like it was a handout. As if that money wasn’t really mine… Has anybody experienced that too? I realized I was asking for this huge miracles but I was not energetically supporting them, I was actually blocking them by feeling this way.

I believe there’s obvious ways and not so obvious ways to receive. I started wondering all about this and realized there’s a lot of areas in which I don’t feel entirely comfortable receiving. Receiving compliments sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. Receiving help which I don’t feel is THAT necessary also makes me feel like I am weak or not strong enough. I share this because I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences things like this. This is my eye-opening blog post to all who wish to create balance within giving and receiving in their lives.


  1. When receiving a compliment, just say thank you and mean it, honor it and feel grateful for it.
  2. Let the ego go when asking for miracles, allow them to appear in ANY way they may, even if your ego considers them a handout.
  3. Allow yourself to ask for advice from people you admire from a humble perspective and be grateful for the advice you receive.
  4. Treat yourself with love, nurture yourself with delicious teas, hot tub baths, trips to the beach or mountains, eat healthy, do yoga… FEEL GREAT.
  5. Allow free time to feel good for you. (This one is specially for entrepreneurs who feel like they should be taking advantage of any hour on their schedule, instead, schedule free time and do stuff you like… read, go for a walk, whatever it is. Enjoy it.)

Thank you because by allowing yourself to receive, there will be so much more of you to give to others.


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