Full Moon Melancholy

She’s strong but she’s exhausted. She knows she chose this but often wonders, when will she return back home.

Her heart is the perfect mix between ancient wisdom, nostalgia and love. With a pinch of disappointment and a dash of loss.

She would love to be cheerful and bright. She would love to be simple. She would love to be shallow and inviting waters, but she’s not.

She’s a walking memory of every dream lived, every person loved and every war fought.

If she had to choose, she would prefer her impossible depths of dark oceans lit by moonlight, where few dare to swim in and where she has drowned, a few times, herself.

Despite it all she’s beautiful, maybe because of it. She often wonders how many more times will she need to come back here, how far is she and from what exactly.

She remembers everything and she’s often offended by the audacity of Mr. Space and Maddam Time, trying to constrain her, while she flies through the ethers of every life time lived.

When she loves, the whole Earth blossoms. There’s not enough skin in her body to contain her then. She’s free, wild and honoured. She’s dark but it suits her well, like the starry night her darkness doesn’t stop her from shining.

She’s aware of her mission here. The assigned homework for this time around. She’s not attached to anything, it would be easier if she was. She knows whatever happens, she will, as she always does, eventually heal.

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