Something beautiful happened to me this morning…

I have been feeling really sick these last couple of days. Some kind of flu that’s going around must have found it’s way to me. I’m making the most out of this time by just allowing my body to rest while I enjoy the long days in bed watching movies and relaxing. This morning, I heard the beautiful sound of a bird chirping right outside my window and even though it was a little tricky for me to stand up and walk over to the window, I did. There was a cute, brown, tiny bird just standing there. I figured it was really refreshing after days spent in bed to watch such a gift from nature so up close. I just stared at him for a little bit and suddenly realized I had been feeling a little heavy these past few weeks. Maybe a bit more inclined towards the negativity of daily happenings or maybe just overwhelmed with the energies going around. As I looked at the bird it all seemed to dissolve but just when I was feeling relieved by my realization…

the little bird turned around and I could see he was missing one of his legs. Immediately, I felt my heart sink and an even bigger realization came to me. Even the most perfect beings, those who are most connected to the natural flow of the universe, have difficult times as well. I thought about how that must have been really painful for him when it happened, you know, physically painful. I also thought about how, he overcame that pain, with the limited understanding of what was going on, there he was, standing proud, flying around without one of his limbs. The thought of how much wisdom he held within also crossed my mind as I understood that, no one escapes the ups and downs of life because, they shouldn’t be escaped. Instead, they are opportunities for all of us, even the tiniest ones of us to evolve and expand in awareness and consciousness of different scenarios during our daily life. Here I am, complaining about how sick I’ve been feeling and that little bird once lost his leg. Can you imagine how much he could teach me? I haven’t lost a limb nor I would want to. My point is, every single being on this earth has a journey and we can all learn from each other if we are open to receive.

Every single living being, no matter how tiny, has a story. That story includes highs and lows, plots and twists, challenges and happy endings. My perspective about everything became a bit more colorful after that moment, knowing and reminding myself that everything we go through during our day, is not necessarily supposed to feel incredible 100% of the time. There’s magic in the lessons challenge can provide.

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