“Increase your Income without working harder” – Jorge Martínez

Yes, there are things in life and in business that you just don’t know until someone opens your mind to a whole new perspective on how to do things differently that leads to different results. In my case, that knowledge that came into my life a while ago was the base to start increasing my income but without actually having to put more hours or efforts into my business (as an entrepreneur).

You probably have listened the phrase “work smarter, not harder”. I was (and still) kind of a workaholic so when I came across that phrase I was intrigue on how can I apply that into my life. I was curious to try to implement that phrase into my reality so I start reading books, going to seminars and meeting successful people that had the type of life I wanted and seems to be working smarter, but not harder than the rest of us.

At first I was envious of them, but eventually I understood that this habit can be acquired by anyone that is willing to go to the next level of success in their lives. Like one of my mentors said “if you want your life to change, you’ll have to change things in your life”. But let’s face it. Change is hard and it takes time, patience and many of us surrender before the habit gives its rewards. So, how do successful people stay strong on their habits and manage to get to that next level?

Well, first let’s talk about the “key habit” I implement in my life that created an increase of income in my business as an entrepreneur, it was “self-value”. I knew that I was one of the best in what I did but my internal “self-value” didn’t believe I deserve more than I was charging for my talent, my skills and my unique way of doing my craft. So, after getting all the training on audios, books and seminars, my mindset started shifting and the belief started to grow within me until one day, I just decided to increase my prices to a point where I felt I was earning what I desire for my work without feeling like I was ripping my clients.

I was scared that with this increase of prices would make my clients complain or disappear, but most of them stayed and some new clients came along (the ones that were not align with my “self-value” were gone for good and I was thankful for that). I was amazed by the number of clients that were willing to pay more for my services in exchange of a great product, experience or quality of support I was giving them. It started to felt like a fair exchange. I understood that I was helping them solve a problem or need they have in their business and that it was a “win win” situation. It felt great.

I took me a few months to be ok with my new prices but eventually it became natural for me to send quotes with these news prices and because I stayed strong on not going back to my old prices (thinking it was the only way I was going to keep getting clients), then the “Universe” rewarded my belief and my “self-value” by sending my way clients that were aligned to my vision of “I can make more money without working more or harder” and it became a reality for me. And this has applied to a lot of people over time. It’s not just me or that I was special. It’s a law that applies to everyone. You just have to be aware of it and implement it in you life. The “Universe” will take care of the rest.

One last thing, when you feel like giving up or going back, go to your “vision” and get to the feeling of having more abundance of money in your life and having time to enjoy it. Do a quick 5-minute visualisation of how your life would be if you have that higher income with the same amount of effort (or less) and having that feeling of joy with your service. That’s how successful people stay strong in the game. They have their “vision” and their “why” very clear and present each day. And let me tell you something, “It’s possible”. You just need to have a little faith and give yourself a chance to make that vision a reality.

Jorge Martinez Mera / CEO at WebZtudio.com (Linkedin Profile)

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