6 tips to easily manifest Travels!

As far as manifestation goes, I have realised there´s certain techniques that work better for certain goals in particular. For example, intentions and visualising haven’t worked that well for me when I wish to manifest trips. What has worked wonders in that area is Vision Boarding!

I just got back from a 3 month long trip to Southeast Asia. We visited Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali and Australia. It was a dream come true for me and I have to say the trip completely exceeded my expectations. After a few days of being back home I saw my old vision board hanging on the wall and it was so emotional for me to realise how the pictures I had included years ago, became a reality already.

I had a picture of a breakfast for 2 people in a beautiful scenery in Bali, I had a picture of Halong Bay in Vietnam and a picture of a girl doing yoga in Thailand. With a broad smile on my face and a bit of chills on my skin, I decided to take off the images so I could place new ones.

I thought I should probably save the images as a reminder of how the Universe answers in the exact way it needs to, to take you where you want to go. When I took them off the vision board I realised I had written my intentions on the back of those 3 images.

I wondered if this made any difference so I took off some other pictures that had not yet found a way to manifest into reality. Those pictures had no intentions written in the back. So… I thought that was really interesting and even though there´s no way to prove it, I think it´s a good experiment to do.

My suggestions:
Create a vision board just for travels, to place images of all the places you would LOVE to see. It does not matter how far they may be, how expensive it may be to get there or how unlikely it seems to actually get there. Choose the best pictures you can find from those places.

1. Get all the images.
2. Get a board where you will paste all the images.
3. One by one, write your intentions on the back of each image and be grateful as if you had the ticket in hand.

Example of intention:
My intention is to manifest the possibility to travel to Fiji in the next 2 years with the best possible company, in the most comfortable and exciting way possible. Thank you Universe. So it is.

4. After you are done, bless the whole board with an honest and warm prayer.
5. Set the board somewhere you will see it all the time.
6. DON´T get impatient. It will happen, maybe a month or a year or 5 years down the road, but it will. So… wait for it.

The money, company, timing and perfect opportunity will come along in the best way possible, if you believe.

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