Shamanic Journey Series – Eagle Spirit Guide – Detach from drama and connect to Yourself!


The eagle archetype represents the higher perspective we can enjoy when we detach ourselves from the emotions and drama of a situation and instead, choose to see the bigger picture. When we see the bigger picture in the way the eagle shows it to us, we understand the deeper soul meaning of every interaction and relationship we are having. We see where we come from and where we are going and why it does make sense, even if our emotions sometimes make us think differently. He has the power of helping us understand karmic interactions and connections. With him, we can easily detach from the drama that might be draining us.

This is an amazing tool to have in your pocket if you constantly find yourself getting drained because of the thoughts or worries regarding a certain situation.

This is a 20 minute guided meditation which can be used indefinitely, on your laptop, phone or both.

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