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  • Regression Immersion – Remember Past Lives, Heal & Transform your Reality through Regression Meditation


    Remove energy blockages stemming from past experiences with this powerful tool. You will be guided through a safe space in a guided regression therapy to heal and remove romantic, intuitive, health and financial blockages.

  • Shamanic Journey Series – Buffalo Spirit Guide – Manifest abundance & magic in your Life!


    The buffalo is considered a magical creature in Native American medicine. He’s the physical representation of abundance. He teaches us about magic, manifestation, and abundance. Through his help, you can begin to develop a clear guidance system to co-create with the Universe, better and luckier possibilities for yourself. Not only that but by journeying with him, you will tap into abundance in all areas of life: Romance, Finances, Health and Purpose.

    This is a 20 minute guided meditation which you can download and use indefinitely, how many times you want from this moment on. You can use it through your laptop or phone.

  • Shamanic Journey Series – Eagle Spirit Guide – Detach from drama and connect to Yourself!


    The eagle archetype represents the higher perspective we can enjoy when we detach ourselves from the emotions and drama of a situation and instead, choose to see the bigger picture. When we see the bigger picture in the way the eagle shows it to us, we understand the deeper soul meaning of every interaction and relationship we are having. We see where we come from and where we are going and why it does make sense, even if our emotions sometimes make us think differently. He has the power of helping us understand karmic interactions and connections. With him, we can easily detach from the drama that might be draining us.

    This is an amazing tool to have in your pocket if you constantly find yourself getting drained because of the thoughts or worries regarding a certain situation.

    This is a 20 minute guided meditation which can be used indefinitely, on your laptop, phone or both.

  • Shamanic Journey Series – Hummingbird Spirit Guide – Instantly feel happy & radiant!


    The hummingbird archetype represents the pleasure of life, the ability to feel joy and enjoy the little things. He teaches us about the art of enjoyment. The hummingbird teaches us how to stop and as we take a pause, analyze our intentions and our plans. He helps us put our authenticity and pleasure as priorities in our experience. He provides us with energy to fully go after our dreams and manifest our desires focused on love.

    This is a 20 minute guided meditation which you can download once and use indefinitely, on your laptop, phone or both.

  • Shamanic Journey Series – Jaguar Spirit Guide (Protection & Fearlessness)


    Shamanic Journey with the Jaguar as Spirit Guide

    The Jaguar is a powerful energy archetype which allows us to tap into our personal power, our fearlessness and strength. This Spirit Guide helps us understand and see aspects of ourselves and our lives which are not seen at plain sight. He helps us face our deepest fears and let go of the self-imposed limitation we have created within our conscious and unconscious minds. With the jaguar’s help, you will begin to walk a fearless path of service, fierce presence, and power. This is a silent, guided 20-minute meditation that can be done daily, weekly or monthly to keep our fears in check.  

  • Shamanic Journey Series – Snake Spirit Guide – Release what you have Outgrown!


    The snake archetype represents the energy of medicine, beauty, healing and release. This spirit guide helps us understand and see what is holding us back. It provides the energy for us to release what is no longer serving us (just as serpents release their old skin). She guides us by letting us know how to bring more beauty into our lives and how to declutter our experience for all of that which has served its purpose. She helps us heal and transform into our most powerful selves. 

    This is a 20 minute guided meditation that can be downloaded and used indefinitely on your laptop and phone. It is a form of healing and profound effects can be expected, preparing us to release what we have outgrown.

  • Shamanic Journey Series – Wolf Spirit Guide – Choose honor over engaging in Negativity


    The wolf archetype represents the energy of honor, impeccability, responsibility, and teamwork. This spirit guide helps us be honest with ourselves as far as where can we be more honorable and impeccable. He helps us step up our persona into one we’re proud of. He provides the healing energy for us to stop habits, attitudes, and behaviors which are preventing us from reaching a higher state of consciousness and strength. He teaches us when and how to receive best and give support to others.

    This is a 20-minute guided meditation you can use indefinitely after purchase. You can use it on your laptop, phone or both.


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