Manifesting While You Sleep – Boosting Marriage 💛


Topic: Subconscious reprogramming to uplift and nurture marriages.

Dive into the fascinating world of subconscious reprogramming with our Manifesting While You Sleep program for Romantic Relationships! With this simple yet effective sleep therapy, you will reprogram your beliefs towards promoting healthy and positive truths that will be easily manifested into your current reality.

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Manifesting While You Sleep – Boosting Marriage ? | Online Audio

In this program you will be working with our subconscious mind through audio sleep therapy. We will be working towards reprogramming our beliefs promoting healthy and positive truths that will be easily manifested into your current reality.

We have created these audios with the highest intentions, based on feelings of love, abundance, peace of heart and mind.

We recommend immersing into these audios when going to sleep, as this time is best for our subconscious self to accept new ideas.

You may purchase this INDIVIDUAL audio for $12.00 USD, or the ENTIRE Romantic Bundle (5 additional videos + 2 awesome surprises) for $49.99 USD. Go check out the entire Romantic Bundle HERE!


You will receive a printable PDF guide containing additional information about this online audio sleep therapy for you to read a bit more about my intentions towards creating this course, the subconscious mind, etc.

We all deserve to live LOVE at its fullest, this simple yet powerful tool will assist in your journey to an overflowing, abundant and healthy romantic relationship with yourself and others.



This program is not intended to fix or cure any psychological or physical illnesses or guarantee any specific result because this will depend on each students diligence and dedication. These are video classes recorded with the aim to bring information and tools for personal growth. The results will vary from person to person, we do not guarantee a specific outcome from the course. Refunds will be available throughout the first 7 days of purchase, you may contact us at any time for further assistance at