DIY “Banish Fatigue and get your SPARK back! | Witchy Manifesting Magic | Do It Yourself


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Life gets heavy. We have tons of responsibilities. Our “to-do” lists seem endless; sometimes, it’s just TOO MUCH.

I feel ya.

We are powerful beings called to be of service to the world with our intuition and spiritual power. But, how on Earth are we going to pursue that if we are burnt out trying to keep up with bills, kids, responsibilities, pets, and deadlines.

Not only do we have our hands full but we are struggling to keep everything afloat.

If this is you, I gotcha.

As empaths, it’s easier for us to feel drained and tired when exposed to external energies.

I don’t need to talk about the current state of the world, you probably feel the weight of global circumstances.

This program aims to lift your spirits and refresh your mind through herbal magic, candle magic, and the most potent manifestation techniques.

The tools provided here can be done once and they will have an uplifting effect that can last for months. No need to invest the time you don’t have. No need to wait for weeks for a session with me, this you can do YOURSELF!

However, there may be some shopping involved. No biggie, ordering a Witchcraft Kit on Amazon will do. Many spells have colored candles, specific herbs (most you can find at the grocery store too), essential oils, and additional home-found ingredients.

Which an Amazon Witchcraft Kit, this program is a piece of cake. This is my recommendation:


If there are some ingredients you can’t find easily, that’s alright. I will provide alternatives or you can skip that ingredient completely.

You can do this program at your own pace and in your own time. There are incredibly simple tools and more elaborate spells for you to indulge in practicing your magic.

Let’s unlock our vitality, power, and stamina.

Hope to see you on the other side 😉