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  • “Stop Hiding and Go Big! – Get Inspired and Discover what you are Capable Of!”


    Go from Entrepreneurial Wallflower to Boldly Sharing Your Message  If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t smart, attractive or “good” enough to truly play big in your business, read on. Slow that scroll and lean in close, my friend… You need to show up to get clients. And you need to show up confidently, regardless…

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    6 Figures from Purpose – How to Become an Aligned Money-Magnet Lightworker

    Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $247.00.

    In this step-by-step course, you’ll learn the specific skills and mindset techniques you need to create a successful, 6-figure business that serves others deeply and makes you generous amounts of money.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Gain razor-sharp clarity on your vision for your business and life, so you always know what you’re working toward
    • Deeply BELIEVE you’re worthy of success and EMBODY that so you attract the right clients & opportunities–effortlessly
    • Create easy-to-sell offers that feel good in your soul–not just “look good” on paper
    • Deliver high-quality, magnetizing content that also expresses your true views–and the true you
    • Get over your fear of selling and showing up–for good!

    What will you learn specifically? Here’s what’s in store for you in this 4 lesson, self-paced course…

  • DIY “Banish Fatigue and get your SPARK back! | Witchy Manifesting Magic | Do It Yourself

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    Hack the New Year Promo Bundle for the Intuitive Badass

    Original price was: $297.00.Current price is: $167.00.



    It happens to all of us. The refreshing feeling of a clean slate, big ideal perfect goals, and… after January we either forget, give up, or simply get frustrated with failed attempts. 


    The way we have learned to set goals is broken. We think we want the accomplishment, but we actually want the feeling the goal will give us once we get there. But we can get to those feelings in way easier and faster ways. Assuring a happier life and more goals scratched off your list.


    We also tend to deem ourselves as lazy or big procrastinators but with this system, you will realize exactly why you have a tendency to procrastinate on certain things and not others. With this awareness, you will be able to hack your mind into serene productivity.


    Last but not least, money. How many of our goals are put on the back burner for “when we have a bit more to spare”? Abundance comes from within and with this Mindset Reset you won’t let this aspect of your present life hold you back. 


    With this bundle, you will have all the hacks you need to Hack the New Year Goal Setting and Kill it this year!


    I find that the main reasons why we don’t fulfill our inspired desires are procrastination, lack of clarity, lack of alignment, and oftentimes, a poor money mindset.


    Let’s hack the whole damn thing to assure massive leaps of success and bliss in 2023. Jupiter will be in Aries at the beginning of the year, which means we will have energy, power, and big potential for MONEY. So let’s make the most of this energy. Don’t let this energy pass you by. Don’t hope for a different outcome by doing the same thing you do every year.


    By getting this super promo bundle, you will be getting:


    1. The Procrastination Cure Program ($97)

    Hack your Mind into Serene Productivity – Before you know it, life will always feel like a relaxing Sunday morning but you will be accomplishing a whole lot more.


    1. Goal Setting Revolution Program ($97)

    Don’t set the goals that you “should” complete. Instead, learn how to set goals that make EVERY SINGLE DAY inspiring to the point in which the end goal is just an effortless consequence.


    1. Money Mindset Reset Program ($97) 

    Bring yourself back into the divine truth that the Universe is infinite abundance and you can tap into it at will. Use this program to bring yourself out of fear and back into your power in financial matters. Get your energy right so you magnetize better everything.




    These programs are downloadable for you to keep. You won’t have to go into the website every time you want to use them, you can literally access them from your email on all your devices. Each of these comes in the form of a fillable PDF so you can complete them even while in line to get some last-minute Christmas presents. You will be able to go through these programs every New Year and set yourself up for success every time.


    The bundle will only be available for a few hours so make sure to get it today.


    We got this! Let’s jump into greatness together!

  • Manifesting While You Sleep – Manifest Social Media Money Success | Online Audio

  • One Question Overview Tarot Reading


    One Question Overview Tarot Reading

    This reading includes all areas of life and helps you to simply observe what is going on with a whole new light and receive guidance, tips, and suggestions. Price: USD $55.55 – This reading will be sent through e-mail in the form of video within 14 business days of purchase. 

  • Regression Immersion – Remember Past Lives, Heal and Transform your Reality through Regression Therapy


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