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Full Moon in Capricorn – July 9th – Buckle your seatbelt, wild child!

Wild child, this full moon coming up is gonna be intense. No need to sugar coat it, it’s energy will be quite strong. Full moons are the best time to let go of the things you feel are no longer helping you grow or enjoy your life. It’s a time for wishes manifested in most […]

About to give up on Meditation? Think Again! 5 Common Mistakes beginners make + How to fix them!

If you’re anything like me, when I began my meditation practice, I felt a bit clueless. I would sit down, cross my legs and try to “clear my mind completely.” This use to frustrate me because the more I tried, the more thoughts seemed to appear. Without a guide to help me out, I just […]

My journey with Tarot

So, you have heard about card readings, and something within you lights up. You can’t help to feel super intrigued by it but somewhere at some point you heard tarot is “dangerous.” Maybe your parents told you everything related to cards and oracles is “devil’s work” and even though part of you know’s it’s not, […]

Meet your Higher Self, give your Life a BOOST!

In regards to spirituality, many of us are guided to worship all sorts of religious figures and ascended masters as we grow up influenced by our societies collective perspectives and beliefs. Sometimes we feel connected to these beings, sometimes we don’t, at all. Either way, it is ok. I, personally, love to have a connection […]

“Remember your Divine Essence and move past trouble gracefully” by Katie McLaughlin

Where we live, how we live and what happens in our daily life is nothing but an illusion. Stepping back and away, we realize through the detached “Sight of the Eagle” that, nothing is real. In shamanic traditions the Eagle Totem is the one who “sees the bigger picture” flying above the emotions and attachments. […]

What I learned from 12 Hours of Meditation: Bell Rock, Sedona

Shamanic Practitioners retrieve to Vision Quest whenever they feel the calling for a spiritual journey which will be profound and transformative. A shaman is very familiar with intense transformation and dancing with the storms the Universe might bring upon them to help them understand lessons and evolve. I have dreamed about doing a Vision Quest […]

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