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“Energy Glow Up” One-on-One Program

It’s time for a glow-up!

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“Energy Glow Up” One-on-One Program


It’s time for a glow-up. 

Our external reality is a reflection of our internal state. Due to life and all its ups and downs, our energy gets a bit out of whack sometimes.

I personally recommend energy clearing, healing, and balancing at least once a year to make sure your system continues to be in tip-top shape.

When our chakras are blocked, they tend to take energy from our physical body, creating disease and discomfort.

When our energy isn’t flowing, everything feels more difficult. We see increasing anxiety, mental fog, lack of results, and an overall sense of hopelessness that shows up way too often.

Through this energy-clearing and balancing glow-up program, we will work on your energy system to remove any obvious blockages and attachments that could be interfering with your overall well-being. 

This process consists of 4 steps, in each one of them we will be treating a different layer of your system.

The process comes from Shamanic Medicine and it consists of the following: 

  1. Shamanic Illumination (chakra clearing and removal of surface energy blockages)
  2. Extraction of Energy Parasites / Entities / Bad vibes sent your way 
  3. Soul Retrieval (Shamanic process that aims to recover the vital energy that has left you during taxing and rough periods of your life)
  4. The making of a clear plan on how to move forward with habits and routines to make sure your energy is flowing and  being used in ideal ways to improve your life.

These are 30 minutes each approximately. The pricing for all 4 sessions AND all support, coaching, and assistance through the process, is $497.

The sessions should be done with a minimum of 2 weeks in between so the energies settle properly within your system. You will feel shifts and changes from day 1. 

I would love to walk this journey with you if you feel called.


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