Learning to connect with Spirit guides was one of my first spiritual dreams. I couldn’t WAIT to find someone who could teach me how to create this connection and more importantly, how to be protected while doing it. As an awakened wild child myself, I have created this tool for you to learn, connect and develop radical self-love through the insights you will receive on these journeys. Not only that but you will be able to listen to this journeys on the go. They’re short, profound and energizing.

Awakened wild child’s all over the world choose tools that resonate with their souls. Tools that make them feel like the mystical, magical and radical revolutionary that they are. You can take these audios with you as you travel the world or use them in the cozy comfort of your home on your laptop or phone. 


Oh man. You’re in for a treat. First and foremost lovely, you will understand and embody the fact that you are not alone. You are eternally supported by the light of the Universe through angels and spirit guides of all sort. The Shamanic Journey Series will connect you to the Earth Animal Spirit Guides. These are animal archetypes which can heal, assist and guide you on your journey.

Finding these kinds of resources can be hard, I experienced that myself while learning, so now that I’ve come out the other side, I wanted to create awesome accessible and easy to use, profound experiences for you to download, no matter where you are in the world.

With every single shamanic journey, you will receive messages from the spirit world that will help you walk your path through radical self-love. You will learn specific aspects of yourself you’ve probably never even considered. You will get to know yourself, in a whole new light generating within you self-love, self-compassion, “get out of my way world” empowerment and most importantly, peace.


Every day for 7 days, you will have a new meditation to work with. With a journal in hand, you will sink into your guided shamanic journey on audio, every day. Just need to press play, relax and follow the meditation audio. Each day you will tackle different aspects of yourself healing, learning and evolving. One day you will navigate through your deepest fears and subconscious blockages keeping you “small” instead of “awesome” while the next day you will connect to unconditional love for all there is. Every day will be a new adventure into yourself. This program is an emotional journey like no other, delivered on a silver platter with some palo santo on the side.


This is a great introduction for beginners because it’s very user-friendly, safe, easy, fast, personal and you have control, every step of the way. Sometimes we are just resistant to get in the zone for meditation. Sometimes, especially if we are busy, it gets a bit hard to focus and concentrate. If you want to go deeper into energy work, develop your psychic abilities and be guided safely and magically, this is for you. This is the “hand holding” process I use to initiate my students in Panama and now it’s available for you too, no matter where you are.


  • Each of these journeys includes a powerful intention setting process at the beginning to make sure your energy is protected at all times. 
  • Each of these journeys includes a sacred space creation through the expansion of our heart chakra.
  • Each of them has enough space and time for lots of insights to come in but not enough time for you to drift off and forget everything (if you do forget, it’s ok, it happens)
  • Great thing is that you will get this audio once but can use it for the rest of your magical life, love warrior. If you doze off, you can do it again how many times you need. 
  • These audio recordings include an intention for you to clearly remember everything after coming out of meditation. Some Awakened Wild Childs have some trouble remembering the dream-like experiences but hey, no worries, we’ve got you covered.
  • These audios are strategically created for you to need only 20 minutes a day for your transformation. 


General Overview Tarot Reading: This reading lasts about 25 minutes it includes all areas of life and helps you to simply observe what is going on with a whole new light and receive guidance, tips, and suggestions.Price: USD $33 – This reading will be sent through e-mail in the form of audio or text (whatever you prefer) within 7 business days of purchase. 

“The Universe” Tarot Reading: A one-hour complete overview which includes 3 questions you can ask and receive guidance for. It can be related to one area of life or an overview of all of them. We also include, in this reading, additional oracle cards to support the answers.This reading lasts one hour and is priced at USD $111 -This reading will be sent through e-mail in the form of audio or text (whatever you prefer) within 7 business days of purchase. 

Directed Overview Tarot Reading: For this reading, you get to choose if you’d like it to be focused on love, finances, health or purpose. We will be digging deep into the selected area. This reading lasts approximately 45 minutes and is priced at USD $66 -This reading will be sent through e-mail in the form of audio or text (whatever you prefer) within 7 business days of purchase. 

“Shaman” Tarot Reading – A one-hour complete overview which includes 3 questions you can ask and receive guidance for. Additions from other oracle decks are included plus remote energy healing work to assist the patient with any blockages in their energy system. This reading is a form of healing therapy as well. This reading lasts one hour and a half and is priced at USD $155 -This reading will be sent through e-mail in the form of audio or text (whatever you prefer) within 7 business days of purchase.


If this is the first time you get a card reading and you’re not sure how it works, don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered. Through the teeny introduction below, you’ll be more than ready to go.

  • How can readings be done without us being face to face?

In the energy realms, time and space work differently. By using your full name and powerful intention setting, the tarot reading can be just as accurate, independent of where we are on the globe. No matter how far we may be from each other, the tarot reading works just the same.

  • Why are readings sent through e-mail instead of Skype or live sessions?

I would like you to have a recording of your reading so you can review it over and over again if needed. Audio and written formats can be examined over and over again as the months go by. I use a seven-day period to make sure your reading goes out with the best energy. I don’t like to do the readings if I’m stressed out or tired because my energy might influence the wording I use, so the seven-day period will assure you have the best reading possible.

  • How does the remote energy healing work?

In the “Shaman” Tarot Reading, I will be reviewing your cards and looking for energy blockages within your energy system. If you choose this option, you will receive additional guidance to provide for the work to be the best it can be. We will communicate through email, and I will be letting you know around what date and time I’m planning to do the healing/reading so you can be ready for it. You may feel, at that time, energy moving inside of you and if the blockages are strong, there’s a possibility for headaches and a bit of energy lag to happen. You will be receiving more guidance through email if this is the choice you make.

  • What if you don’t want to use Tarot, what if you would like to use angel cards instead?

No problem! The word Tarot has a bit of a typical intimidating factor; I felt it at the beginning too. (To read more about myths debunked click here) If you like, just write to us in the form below about your preferences, and we will make the experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible for you.

  • Are payments refundable?

Nope, so sorry. Fees are not refundable on personalized services due to the time investment.

  • What if I learn something about the future that scares me and it becomes counter productive for me?

These readings are not intended to work as predictions. These readings have the beautiful mission to assist you and help you feel more comfortable in your life. We always remind you, at the beginning of every tarot reading that you are the empowered creator of your life and if there’s anything in the future that you don’t love, you are completely and entirely capable of changing this by making the informed decision on your present moment.

  • Who’s the tarot reader?

Me, Katie McLaughlin. It would be very special to share this with you and assist you on your journey. (If you’d like to know more about my path, check it out here. If you’d like to know if we would have a good chemistry, see my video readings and see if you like my style.)



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