Our Life is a Reflection of our inner state and through understanding energy we can change our lives. I did it and I will teach you EVERYTHING you'll need to know.

Energy Clearing. Shamanic Medicine. Trainings & Courses. Carefully designed programs designed to make YOUR life a sacred experience! Made for you with love.


I am a lightworker, shamanic practitioner and yogi. Surfer, adventurer and gypsy soul. My mission is to help YOU. To help you all seekers find what is it that your soul is longing for, how to get it and most importantly how to enjoy it.  I am the person you go to if you want to find your own voice, your own passions and path. To stop being who others want you to be and become who you really are inside. Your happiest, most authentic and vibrant self. Unapologetically.


Sometimes we unconsciously allow our inner voice to be ignored. Reasons like exterior conditioning, expectations of loved ones, fear and limiting beliefs make this happen without us realizing it.  I can help you rebuild your whole life based on your real dreams, your passions. Those passions which have being screaming for attention for so long only to find rejection. I am here to tell you that your wildest dreams, those which you haven’t even dared to consider as a possibility, can be real.

Not only can be real but can enter your life quickly and easily once we learn how to get out of our own way.  That’s where I come in. I will teach you to unveil what is it that you dream, what is your life purpose, what to do to reach your goals and become connected, vibrant and AUTHENTIC. Authentically happy.


The reason I offer my help in these areas is because Ive lived through this process myself, not so long ago. I found myself with the ¨perfect¨ life but tons of anxiety and frustration. At that time I was involved in a very demanding architecture career. Endless sleepless nights of impossible work only to be critized and disempowered by others who made sure we all understood no matter how much effort we put into anything it would never be enough. It didn’t seem right, it didn’t feel right either.

I feel like we are taught that life is hard, that we must endure and suck it all up, instead of seeking real happiness. We are taught to compete for things we don’t necessarily want instead of honoring our real wishes and making a life around them. We are taught that theres just one path and if you are not in it you can’t be considered worthy. I disagree.

I had a brilliant future in architecture in my country, there was already a big shot job waiting for me at a famous construction company in panama owned by one of my family members. If I would have gone down that path what others consider as success would have been a given. Money, a stressful job with long hours and status. Thats what everyone seems to aim for. I wanted something else.

I had let everyone around me dictate and run my life. I had given my personal power out to others around me. I had a job I hated. I career which made my insecure and miserable. A boyfriend who was ideal on paper but which whom I was just some limited sad version of myself. I decided to leave it all. To stop going in the wrong direction.

I decided to travel to Hawaii in search for answers and not only did I found answers, I found my path, my joy and my clarity to share with others. Now, only one year later I am a success full Yoga Studio Owner in Panama City. I am now a shaman, a healer, a passionate entrepreneur who can’t explain how much gratitude she feels every single day. I am alive now and I want you to feel how beautiful life can become when you connect to your true essence. Don’t waste another second. In my experience, taking the decision to be willing to consider change was the absolute best I could’ve done. Your real happiness is waiting for YOU.


“I am a firm believer that there´s many paths one can follow and choose what you resonate with in each one. I have created my own method merging all of those things that made my soul sing. Through Yoga, Shamanism & Desire Map I´ve manifested a life which I feel sacred, which I honor and LOVE from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed & in between. I want you to achieve the happiness I have achieved, in your own way, through your own passions.” – Katie McLaughlin


After going through the deep process of the Wheel of Medicine & received 8 of the Munay – Ki Rites of Passage in Panama I am now a Full Mesa Carrier Shaman. This means that I’ve mastered the arts of energy manipulation to use in favor of my patients healing processes. As Shamanic Healer we learn to develop our intuitive abilities, learn to transport our consciousness into different realms & time frames to seek information, tools and guidance for ourselves and others.

We are protected healers with the capacity to clean & remove toxic or crystalized energies from this or past lives, retrieve soul fragments on behalf of our patients, extract entities and negative energy forces from our patients systems & physical places amongst many other treatments.


I am a yogi. This means I try to be as conscious and aware as I can about my life, my decisions and my thoughts. As I yogi I´ve learned that there´s nothing more important in life than being happy and that there´s always room for improvement.  Being positive, present, grateful and patient is the only way to go.  I pursued yoga as a career as I got my 200HR RYT Certificate in Hawaii.

Even though my title specializes in teaching Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga I also deeply enjoy Yin & Restorative Yoga. I am the proud founder of Moksha Yoga & Healing studios in Panama City, Panama. It has been an amazing journey, enjoying & getting to know a lot of beautiful souls searching for something meaningful by coming to my classes. My students are my reason for inspiration and effort to reach further with the intention to heal.